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G-Star – When luxury denim meets casual: G-Star Raw stands like no other fashion brand for unadjusted jeans looks with uncompromising fit and outstanding quality. Here, everything revolves around the blue fabric: because without exception, every piece of the collections can be combined with your new favorite jeans. Just like Levi’s, Replay & Diesel, G-Star is one of the top jeans brands. In this article you will get an insight behind the brand, as well as the clothes and exciting collaborations.

History: Exclusive craftsmanship for raw denim wear

The Dutch jeans and fashion label G-Star was originally founded in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg under the name Gapstar. The headquarters of G-Star is located in Amsterdam. Since its founding in 1989, the company’s motto has been “Only the product.” This single-minded attitude has ensured many denim firsts over the years: For example, G-Star introduced luxury denim for the streets, combining its craftsmanship with the styles of the streets to create a new denim range: raw denim would become a material desired by every person on earth.

The first Gapstar collection was designed together with the Swiss brand Big Star. Four years after Gapstar was founded, the company then merged with The Gap and Big Star brands to form the fashion label G-Star.

Designer & Sustainability

In 1991, French designer Pierre Morisset began working for G-Star. In 1994, he signed the contract as a full-time head designer. Morisset helped to design the famous G-Star Elwood. Originally, this wanted to study architecture.

With the Raw Sustainable program, G-Star is committed to sustainable production by using more organic cotton with reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides for their collections.

After more than twenty years of constant innovation, G-Star continues to push boundaries, expand its corporate DNA and encourage its designers to seek out new materials, styles and cuts – always with a focus on the product.

Cult brand trademark: G-Star Jeans

Trademark of the cult brand from the Netherlands are the G-Star jeans. Probably the best known are the jeans of the line G-Star Elwood for men. They have a round seam at the height of the butt and are mainly made of denim.

Casual look pants often have details from military clothing or small cell phone pockets and additional zippers. Over time, youth jeans fashion was extended with sporty jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, coats, hats and shoes.

G-Star specializes mainly in raw denim, a jeans fabric that is not additionally washed or treated after dyeing. The color spectrum of the fashion company beyond the jeans turns out very strong despite the denim look. Striking shades of red, green and blue can be found in most collections. Many seams are always additionally emphasized or buttons also serve as decorations, for example.

Correct Line collection is a complementary line, strongly influenced by street style. It includes everyday jackets, shirts, sweaters, dresses, and skirts made of high quality materials.

G-Star Elwood Jeans: Timeless Classic

G-Star’s chief designer, Pierre Morisset, recalls the story of his own inspiration. Morisset was sitting in a café in the south of France when he saw a German motorcyclist drive by. Over time, the marks of the long journey and exposure to the elements had burned onto his jeans. Morisset says the jeans wrapped around the motorcyclist and deformed to fit his shape, inspiring him to create his first pair of jeans, which he designed using the 3D denim method.

Like most innovative ideas, these jeans, which are very popular today, were not an immediate success. G-Star stayed true to its ideals of innovation and used a number of marketing strategies to get the public excited about its 3D denim jeans. Once customers tried on a pair of these now iconic jeans, they were blown away by their shape, fit and functionality. This process reinforced the importance of functionality to design, an element that is a cornerstone of G-Star’s brand DNA. Since their entry into the denim market, the beautifully constructed jeans have garnered a cult-like following and have maintained their status and relevance as one of G-Star’s top sellers.

Collaborations with Snoop Dogg & LaTrappe

G-Star Raw has a long tradition of working with true originals like Snoop, authentic and unique people who are all masters of their craft.

G-Star Raw x Snoop Dogg: Hardcore Denim Campaign

Dutch denim brand G-Star Raw today announces its collaboration with icon Snoop Dogg. The collaboration comes as part of the company’s international hardcore denim campaign. A custom version of the hit song “Say It Witcha Booty,” penned by the multi-platinum selling artist, provides the right look and gives the campaign its guiding spirit. Snoop needs no introduction, he is a living legend and a globally recognized innovator – at once iconic and accessible as denim.

G-Star Raw x LaTrappe: love for the craft

A collaboration driven by a shared love of craftsmanship and an approach to sustainability. For the monks of La Trappe Brewery, G-Star has designed a cradle-to-cradle garment. Matching the philosophy of the monks, their Trappist beer and G-Star Raw.

Q&A: G-Star Raw

You want to be a model? Then you should know this brand. G-Star is the absolute cult brand when it comes to jeans. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the brand:

When was G-Star founded?

G-Star was founded in Amsterdam in 1989.

What does G-Star stand for?

With the guiding principle “Just the Product”, the company focused on jeans from the very beginning.

Is G-Star sustainable?

G-Star’s 2018 launches included what it says is “the most sustainable jeans to date,” made from Cradle to Cradle Gold Level-certified denim, and it developed the “world’s cleanest indigo dyeing process,” which uses no salts and 70 percent fewer chemicals.

Where does G-Star produce?

G-Star has trustful business relationships with various suppliers around the world. Production facilities are mainly located in Bangladesh, China, Greece, India, Italy, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey and in Vietnam.

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Armani: The elegant sports brand EA7, perfume & watches

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