Tommy Hilfiger: Jackets, shoes, bags & Co. in All-American Style

Tommy Hilfiger – The luxury brand is considered one of the most famous brands in the world and inspires every season anew with high-quality clothing in the All-American style. The popular styles with the well-known logo are no longer to be thought away from the catwalks and the stores and offer everything for babies to adults. Through the various collections such as “Tommy Jeans” or “Tommy Hilfiger Home”, the brand is always up to date even after so many years and designs modern and trendy outfits for everyone. Especially through collaborations such as with Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hemilton or Mercedes, there is always talk about the brand and the designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, so that the brand always remains current and popular.

Tommy Hilfiger belongs to the absolute luxury brands and is not to be thought away from the catwalks of the fashion metropolises. The founder and designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, nicknamed Tommy Hilfiger, founded the label many years ago and it is one of the most famous designers worldwide. The brand stands for premium styles of the highest quality and with a focus on the popular All-American style of the last decades. Tommy Hilfiger designs especially designer pieces in sporty and denim style, which are often held in the colors of the American flag and correspond to the well-known logo. The label attaches great importance to sustainable design and production, which is why, among other things, only 100% recyclable denim is used.

History of the brand: foundation, style & co.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was founded in 1985 and now employs over 15,000 people in 100 countries and more than 2,000 retail stores. Founder and designer is the eponymous Tommy Hilfiger, who designs especially sportswear in All-American style and premium quality. In addition to the main brand “Tommy Hilfiger”, there is also the brand “Tommy Jeans”, which produces clothing in 100% recycled denim. The entire brand produces high quality and luxurious clothing, shoes, accessories and co. for children and adults and also offers a now large selection of perfumes, eyewear and home textiles.

Who is Tommy Hilfiger: career and life of the world-famous designer

Tommy Hilfiger, born Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is a US American fashion designer and founded the famous brand “Tommy Hilfiger” in 1985. The American was born on 24.03.1951 as the second youngest of nine children in New York and then lived with his family in Elmira. He was always a fashion affinity at a young age, earning his first money by buying, refashioning and reselling jeans and even opening a store called “People’s Place” with two of his friends. His father in particular had made it a point to get a decent education, but Thomas didn’t let that stop him from his dream and was rewarded. His shop, in which he refurbished and then sold old clothes, went from strength to strength and his classic All-American style, now synonymous with the Tommy Hilfiger brand, came into its own. In 1979 the American went his own way and wanted to found his own label. With the intention to found a lifestyle brand, which is preppy and cool, he founded his current empire a few years later.

Tommy Hilfiger Logo: All-American Style Colors

The logo of the well-known company consists of the colors of the American flag: blue, red and white, which was quite intended by the designer. The well-known logo has not changed since the founding of the company and should be based on the origin and the classic All-American style for the brand. The fact that the letter “H” can be identified in the logo’s graphics once again shows the accuracy and care behind the logo design and the company. Since 1985, this famous logo has adorned each of Tommy Hilfiger’s garments, symbolizing the brand’s visual identity and the American origin that is so important to Tommy Hilfiger.

Clothing: jackets, shoes, bags & more

Tommy Hilfiger offers everything that the fashion heart desires and inspires fashion lovers every season with the latest collections and garments. The luxury brand specializes in clothing in the All-American style and also produces denim fashion such as denim jackets, denim pants and other garments made of the popular material. In addition to clothing for adults, there is also a collection for children and babies as well as numerous accessories such as watches, jewelry, bags and perfumes.

Clothing: jeans, jackets, t-shirts and sweaters

The Tommy Hilfiger brand specializes in luxury clothing. There are numerous collections with a variety of clothing items such as jackets, jeans or hoodies for women, men, teenagers and children, which are all made and designed in the American style of the brand. Each season, new pieces from the current collection are released, showcased on the Fashion Week runways, and then made available for customers to purchase in online stores or in Tommy Hilfiger stores. From basic shirts to fancy and elegant garments, you can find everything in the respective collections, whereby each piece is of course provided with the well-known logo of the brand.

Baby and children’s clothing in Tommy Hilfiger style

In addition to clothing for teenagers and adults, Tommy Hilfiger also produces a variety of clothing for children and babies. These designs also promise a stylish look and stylish appearance of the children in the so classic All-American style. The main focus is on high-quality materials and practical garments, so that the little ones feel comfortable and well taken care of in their outfits. From warm coats for the winter, t-shirts and jeans to swimwear for the summer holiday. The selection is large.

Accessories: Bags, Watches, Jewellery & Perfume

To round off the perfect outfit in Tommy Hilfiger style, the brand offers a variety of matching accessories. From shoes, bags and jewelry to perfumes, the designer brand offers the right accessories in classic American style. As always, a high level of quality is emphasized and only high-quality materials are used. You can choose from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches or rings and the assortment of bags is also large. From small handbags for the evening to larger shopping or travel bags you can choose from this luxury brand. The prices vary depending on size, model, material and design.

Price range

  • Bags: up to 350€
  • Watches: up to 200€
  • Jewellery: up to €200
  • Perfumes: up to 80€

Tommy Jeans & Tommy Hilfiger Home

Besides the main brand Tommy Hilfiger, the company has released two other main brands or collections during the last years. The focus was especially on a separate brand for more modern and trendy versions of the clothes, so that “Tommy Jeans” was launched. The brand also released its own interior collection, so that Tommy Hilfiger customers could now buy home accessories and home wear in the well-known style of the American brand. This collection is called “Tommy Hilfiger Home”.

Tommy Jeans: modern and trendy styles

The Tommy Jeans collection is especially aimed at Tommy Hilfiger’s younger customers and stands out with garments in old-school or 90s style. Tommy Jeans gives the Tommy Hilfiger designs a modern touch and offers t-shirts, swimwear, dresses, underwear, jackets & denim items for kids and young adults. Even though the Tommy Jeans collections focus on more modern and trendy styles, the Tommy Hilfiger brand is always recognizable by the American style designs and the famous logo.

Tommy Hilfiger Home: Interior Collection of the luxury brand

In addition to numerous clothing items, the Tommy Hilfiger brand has been offering an interior collection for several years with a selection of bed linen, cushions, towelling & bathroom accessories, which are all made in the quality and style of the American brand. Tommy Hilfiger Home offers a wide range of home textiles with the famous TH label to bring the style of clothing into the home. They always use high quality materials, such as cotton and a sophisticated finish to meet the luxury standard of the brand. You can also buy home wear items such as joggers, pyjamas or even bathrobes and slippers.

Collaborations: Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton & Co.

Again and again, the Tommy Hilfiger brand enters into collaborations with world-famous stars and companies. Among others, Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Zendaya or the famous brand Mercedes have already worked together with Tommy Hilfiger and even designed new collections or garments. Especially these collaborations are usually very popular and the resulting garments sold very quickly.

Gigi Hadid: “Tommy x Gigi” Collection in American Style

A few years ago, the It-girl and Victoria Secret model Gigi Hadid published a collection together with Tommy Hilfiger. This consisted of various parts such as jeans pants, sweaters, capes or even denim jackets. The stylish pieces were designed in the typical color combinations such as dark blue, red and white and were mainly casual to sporty pieces, which ideally fit the All-American style of the company. The entire collection called “Tommy x Gigi” was presented at the New York Fashion Week in 2016.

Lewis Hamilton: “Tommy x Lewis” collection with sustainable streetwear

Also the famous racing driver Lewis Hamilton cooperated already several times with the brand Tommy Hilfiger and designed some collection together with the fashion house. Most recently, this collection focused on a gender-neutral design and 100% sustainability. All garments were unisex and created in a classic streetwear style. In addition, a lot of emphasis was placed on sustainability, so that almost 80% of the collection contains organic cotton and 100% recycled denim. Together with Lewis Hamilton, Tommy Hilfiger made a strong fashion statement!

Tommy x Zendaya: elegant ready-to-wear looks

In September 2019, Tommy Hilfiger unveiled his latest collection with Zendaya at New York Fashion Week, delighting many fashion lovers. Compared to the previous collaborations, the designer teamed up with the actress for a different, more elegant style in the garments. The ready-to-wear looks are instantly comparable to the bright and shiny colors of the 70s and make every look shine. Glittery and eye-catching materials were used, which were pimped with sparkling extras and combined with a new and modern zeitgeist.

Tommy x Mercedes: innovative sports fashion for men

Also with Mercedes Benz the brand Tommy Hilfiger has designed and created several collections for men. The main focus was always on sustainable development and production as well as timeless design. The collection from this cooperation should especially focus on innovation and combines the American and sporty character of Tommy Hilfiger with the technical styles of the Mercedes brand.

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Shows: YouTube Videos

Tommy Hilfiger is considered an integral part of the fashion world and has already organized numerous fashion shows, in which always famous and famous models can be seen. Among others, Gigi Hadid, Hayley Bieber, Alessandra Ambrosio, Winnie Harlow and Co. have already walked for the famous designer. Here you can find the videos of the last Tommy Hilfiger fashion shows!

Fashion Show: Spring Summer 2020

Fashion Show: Fall Winter 2019/2020

Fashion Show: Fall Winter 2018/ 2019