Marc O’Polo: fashion brand, facts, sweatshirts & Robbie Williams

Marc O’Polo – A successful Scandinavian fashion label for years that has brought sporty elegance to Europe through the famous logo sweatshirts. Models present the women’s and men’s collections of the fashion brand due to the international success at the Paris Fashion Week next to fashion brands that embody the luxury of luxury. Interesting facts about the fashion company and its history you can learn here. Also: Who actually wears Marc O’Polo? – The most popular advertising face of the brand, Robbie Williams.

5 Facts about Marc O’Polo

What you should know about the globally successful fashion brand Marc O’Polo.

A Swedish fashion label – Fact 1

The fashion label Marc O’Polo is a Scandinavian premium brand and was founded in Stockholm in 1967 by the Swedes Rolf Lind, Göte Huss and the US-American Jerry O’Sheets. The founders put the focus of the brand character on the use of natural materials.

A hand-woven patchwork shirt made of Indian cotton is the first collection item of the three company founders. The motif of the first advertising campaign was a strawberry, which caused an international sensation.

Revolutionary fashion – fact 2

“Marc O’Polo fashion was not only new, it was revolutionary!”- Werner Böck

The founders met Werner Böck at a fashion fair in Cologne in 1968. Enthusiastic about fashion, the current majority shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Marc O’Polo had Marc O’Polo Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH entered in the commercial register. He is the brand’s first importer.

International Awareness – Fact 3

The brand’s fashion is showcased at Stockholm Fashion Week and, due to the international success of the fashion, oh at Paris Fashion Week.

Sweatshirts: This is what the fashion brand stands for – Fact 4

Already in the 70s Marc O’Polo expands its collection to a complete women’s and men’s line and founds the brand Campus. At that time, the legendary logo sweatshirt was also developed. Until this development, only sportsmen and women wore hoodies, sweatshirts and zipper jackets.

Marc O’Polo changed that by decorating the designs with the printing of the logo in large and legible. As a result, the sweater gained a whole new meaning throughout Europe in the 80s. He became the epitome of youthful everyday fashion.

Robbie Williams in Marc O’Polo suit – Fact 5

On the red carpet, the world-famous musician and singer, who has been successful for years, can be seen shining in a Marc O’Polo suit. He is visibly comfortable in the black and white patterned suit with bow tie.

The famous singer has also produced his own collection together with the brand. He is the most famous advertising face for the fashion label.

He proudly presents the cooperation with the brand and his fashion line. Robbie Williams is a big fan of the brand.

All the facts about the brand in a nutshell:

  • A Swedish fashion label
  • Revolutionary fashion
  • International fame and fashion shows
  • Sweatshirts: what the fashion brand stands for
  • Robbie Williams in Marc O’Polo suit

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