Alexander McQueen videos: Haute couture and theatrical fashion shows

Alexander McQueen – The British brand is mainly known for its special fashion creations and fashion shows. Because these are, compared to other high fashion brands, also wearable in everyday life! McQueen creates wearable fashion such as clothing, shoes and bags. The label is one of the biggest British designer brands with international recognition. The brand is an icon in haute couture due to its intricate designs and individual tailoring. Since the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the company has been run by designer Sarah Burton. Find out more about the cult designer’s life and his collaborations with stars like Lady Gaga here: Alexander McQueen

Fashion Shows, Haute Couture, Collections & more

In these videos you can see the best fashion shows of the designer with the unique collections for men and women. In addition to the runway shows with Sarah Burton’s creations, we have for you a video with the legendary haute couture collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in West London.

First Light collection for men and women

Alexander McQueen presents the spring/summer collection 2021 ,,First Light” in cooperation with British director Jonathan Glazar. The fashion show was shot on the banks of the Thames in London, where models strut through the river’s branches. The women’s collection includes pieces such as dresses with corsets and tulle skirts. Here, the elegance of the dresses merges with the gritty side of the river, as seen in the cover image below. The menswear is reminiscent of 60’s biker fashion and includes garments such as pants, jackets and a vest made of white cotton jersey. Even though the show is very gritty and rustic, the collection is still very elegant and haute couture.

Ladies: Feminine Fall Fashion & Accessories

We show you the fall/winter fashion show for women. The designs of this collection are very straightforward and elegantly feminine and are combined with eye-catching accessories. Thus, the dresses flatter the body and emphasize the femininity. Designer Sarah Burton uses elegant fabrics like red lace, pink leather or satin blouses.

Spring/summer fashion: bright colours and beautiful silhouettes

For the warm days, creative designer Sarah Burton presents us the enchanting collection for women. The collection consists of many dresses, blazers, as well as bags made of leather and lace. While the garments are decorated with many patterns and fringes, the silhouettes of the models are emphasized by striking belts. The fundamental colors of this collection were white or beige and black. To match the looks, head designer Sarah Burton complemented the outfits with gold jewelry.

Haute Couture at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

Probably the most famous museum in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum houses legendary art objects and designs from all over the world. Among them was Alexander McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” collection, which was exhibited in the London museum in 2011. Through the display windows, mannequin figures can be seen wearing the brand’s magnificent gowns. The dresses are ornate and majestic. This video highlights the detailed tailoring of McQueen’s haute couture.

Alexander McQueen: Life of the luxury designer, Haute Couture & Co.

Alexander McQueen is a British fashion designer who founded the luxury brand Alexander McQueen in 2001. He was already very fashion-savvy as a child and tailored clothes for his three sisters at that time. At the age of 16, he began training as a men’s tailor and then worked for Angels The Costumiers – a theatrical costume company. The extravagance he tailored for theatrical purposes in his earlier years still informs his own fashion label today. Nevertheless, he also designs wearable fashion for everyday life that is worn all over the world. You want to know more about the designer Alexander McQueen? Then check out our article about the brand and the designer’s life here: Alexander McQueen

Brands like McQueen: Puma & Ralph Lauren

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Puma Videos: Sports Fashion, Hiphop Shoes & Cooperation with Winnie Harlow

Founded in 1948, the brand then became particularly popular in the world of sporting goods. The range extends from sneakers and backpacks to tracksuits. The brand releases new collections of shoes for men and women every year. These are often released in collaboration with famous VIPS. We show you collections of Puma in collaboration with special stars like Bebe Rexha, Kingsley Coman and Winnie Harlow. Here you can also learn more about the history of the classic Suede collection.

Ralph Lauren: the great success of polo shirts, shirts and sweaters

Ralph Lauren has achieved what is known as the “American Dream”. The son of immigrant refugees from Belarus who have simple jobs, he has built an empire and a fortune of nearly 6 billion US dollars. He became known for his polo shirt collection and since then, the brand has made high waves in every sector. Now the label sells clothing for men, women, children and babies. There are also home items, accessories and perfumes.

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Extravagant haute couture. Refined prêt-à-porter. Fine sportswear and innovative accessories. The world’s most luxurious fashion brands inspire millions of people and fashion lovers with their exquisite collections every year. They camp out in front of stores to snag limited edition specials, stand on the streets of Paris during the highly coveted Fashion Week, and sit wide-eyed in front of televisions to watch the latest and hippest runway shows. Here is the ultimate fashion brand guide.

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