Balenciaga Summer Collection 2023: Paris Fashion Week in the dark

Balenciaga Summer Collection 2023 – It’s that time again, the Paris Fashion Week starts and one of the highlights of the fashion week, is definitely the show Balenciaga. Already last year, the French fashion brand surprised with an extravagant show Balenciaga x Simpsons. This year it will be gloomy! The hall is a mud hole and the scenery is reminiscent of the American backcountry. Would you like a bit of horror?

Looks for summer 2023: Balenciaga

Deep bass, low light, no distractions: the summer collection of Balenciaga.

Where does Balenciaga come from?

Hardly any fashion brand brings itself to the public as skillfully as Balenciaga from Paris. Today, especially the bags, shoes or sneakers from Balenciaga are popular, but the fashion brand once started with impressive haute couture looks. Read all about the story behind the brand here:

Here you will also find a small collection of popular ones.

Balenciaga x Simpsons: Throwback

A little throwback to the last Paris Fashion Week with Balenciaga and a cooperation that no one expected! One of the most popular comic families “The Simpsons” meet the high fashion label.