Balenciaga x Simpsons: Comic meets Haute Couture @ Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga x Simpsons – Incredible collaboration! The international haute couture luxury brand from Paris, Balenciaga has collaborated with the multi-award-winning and successful animated series “The Simpsons”. The popular comic characters: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and many more, model in exclusive garments for the worldwide known brand at the Paris Fashion Week. Check out the highlights of the short film, the full 10 minute episode, the clothes from the clip and more about the fashion history of the luxury brand, here for you.

Balenciaga: Marge conquers the catwalk in Paris

The famous and coveted luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is known for haute couture, balloon jackets, bags, fragrances and of course sneakers. Designer Cristóbal Balenciaga created extravagant and beautiful ball gowns back in the 1920s, like the one Marge wears in the clip. Since the label was founded in Spain in 1917, Balenciaga has provided the fashion world with glamorous pieces and trends.

Extra produced: 10 minutes Simpsons Special

The popular characters from “The Simpsons” walk for the famous designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga at the Paris Fashion Week. Homer loves his red jacket by Balenciaga and feels super stylish and beautiful even with his half bald head. And Marge also charms all the guests at the runway show, wearing a stunning gold dress with a bow at the back. She even gets a standing ovation and applause from Vogues editor-in-chief Anna Wintour herself. Also the designer Cristóbal Balenciaga and celebrity fans like Kim Kardashian and more are of course not missing in the 10 minute film that revolves around Balenciaga.

Homer, Lisa & Bart in Balenciaga: Full Episode

A few days ago, the French label screened the short film at the Théâtre du Châtelet. The story of the episode: Homer wants to give Marge something from Balenciaga. He doesn’t care what exactly. A scarf, a dress, the main thing is that it is recognizably from the luxury label and he makes his wife happy. This wish is granted at the Balenciaga Head Quarter and they send a dress to Springfield along with the bill. You can see what happens next now. Here’s the whole episode for you!

3 It-Pieces by Balenciaga from the short film

The characters of “The Simpsons” are all dressed in famous bestsellers by Balenciaga. We tell you more about 3 it-pieces that appear in the short film and show you how they look in real life.

Marge’s glamorous ball gown: golden tinsel feeling

Marge’s dress pays homage to Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2019/20 collection, which presented the trend for the season for the very big gala appearance: shimmering gold lamé in a ruffled rap look blown up into an imposing ball gown with a wide skirt and an XL bow at the back, the full tinsel feeling.

Homer’s balloon jacket: a trendsetter in fiery red

Homer’s red balloon jacket with the white Balenciaga logo made its debut in the same summer 2020 collection. The extremely cool balloon jacket look in striking red with a flared collar combined with black sunglasses, started the jacket trend of women’s and men’s fashion of the season.

Tingeltangel Bobs Shoes: Balenciagas Speed Sneaker

Another trend that the fashion label has set off is the Tingeltangel-Bob in the clip. The unique speed sneaker is a bit reminiscent of boots in design, but falls under the category of sports shoes.


Kanye West, Trends, and Gaming App: Balenciaga

Today especially the bags, shoes or sneakers by Balenciaga are popular, but the fashion brand once started with impressive haute couture looks. The label from Paris became so famous that it now even offers its women’s and men’s fashion in the KaDeWe in Berlin. Whether on sale or not, today we especially love Balenciaga’s perfumes, sneakers, leather jackets and bracelets. Have you heard about the Balenciaga video game? Here’s more about the famous fashion brand.

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