French brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Chanel, Balmain & Louis Vuitton

French fashion – beret, striped shirt and red lipstick: the stereotypical image of French style is as characteristic as it is one-dimensional, because French style is much more. Above all, it is elegant, casual and uncomplicatedly individual. When it comes to fashion, our neighboring country France is ahead of the rest of Europe, and indeed the world. In the Grande Nation – especially in its beautiful and elegant capital – clothing is of great cultural and economic importance. In this article we present the hottest fashion brands from France.

Fashion brands from France: list

Here you can find a list of fashion brands from France:

Fashion brands from other countries: Italy & Spain

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Fashion brands from Italy: Italian fashion

It stands for elegance, joie de vivre and always seems to be one step ahead of international fashion – Italian fashion. Business looks, relaxed street wear and chic evening wear blur together here. The result is a hip, individual style that is appreciated by trendsetters and fashionistas all over the world. Italian fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Miu Miu have become indispensable on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week.

Fashion brands from Spain: Spanish fashion

Spanish fashion is characterized by summer, sun and casual joie de vivre. Bold and cheerful colors like red and yellow as well as flounces and floral prints make the clothes lively and expressive. We show you the hottest brands in Spain for an expressive outfit. From Zara to Balenciaga, fashion in Spain has a lot to offer.

Fashion brands: list

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