Hallhuber Videos: Brand, Collections & Campaigns

Hallhuber Videos – For fashionable accents, neutral colors and playful patterns Hallhuber is known. Fashion that should not be missing in any fashion-conscious wardrobe of a woman. With this label you can find everything your heart desires from casual, business looks to extravagant evening fashion. Learn more about the fashion collections of Hallhuber and get inspired.

Hallhuber: coats, knitted sweaters up to dresses

The fashion house was founded in Munich in 1977 and offers outerwear, as well as shoes and accessories for women. The group sells its clothing in nearly 180 stores in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy. Unique fashion that no style-conscious woman should miss!

Hallhuber Fall Collection:

Street style meets loungewear. Many are longing for warm and cozy materials like knitwear and jersey at the start of the season. The typical feminine looks are broken up by trendy chunky boots and trendy tops made of shirt and jacket provide the classic all-rounder that can be worn for any occasion. Neutral colors, such as cream, white, olive, sage and black are the focus of Hallhuber’s fall collection. The collection is particularly characterized by cool oversize cuts and underlines the loungewear style of the collection.

Hallhuber Winter Collection

This collection stands for pure elegance and classic fashion. Thus, high-quality knits appear in harmonious all-over looks and pantsuits convince with maximum comfort and flowing fabrics. Jeans with 90s style are combined with sweaters and blouses. For the cold months Hallhuber presents wool coats and down jackets. The neutral colors milky coffee, cream, mauve and black provide a subtle overall look. What stands out patterns move in this collection in the background and are kept only minimalist.

Hallhuber Spring Collection

In this unique collection, delicate shades of green are in full focus and provide a real splash of color in the collection. Leaf and striped prints attract all the looks and complement the natural color palette. Everything revolves around the casual chic look reflected by minimalist creations and boho elements. The use of the colors cream and black provides a harmonious overall picture. So in this collection shiny silk and satin is combined with cotton, chic and classic! A special highlight of this collection, the midi dress with leaf print. A dress that literally reflects the spring.

Hallhuber Summer Collection

These feminine looks are made for many sunny days. The color palette is composed of off-white and champagne, black provides the contrast. Floral prints give the collection a natural and lovely charm, reflecting the romanticism of the collection. The combination of cotton and perforated embroidery provide a real summer flair and noble, flowing viscose and delicate lace particularly highlights the silhouettes of the female body.

Campaign: Perfect Fit, Perfect Look

A campaign that stands for diversity. No typical model measurements, but the woman herself is the focus. The perfect fit of your jeans ensures the perfect look! Let yourself be inspired.

Hallhuber: The brand

A German company that has made it to the top. The label convinces with fine, extravagant and unique cuts and makes every woman’s heart beat faster. Hallhuber is just like Zara, Mango and Ralph Lauren one of the most popular brands in the world.

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