About You: Billion Dollar Companies, Stefanie Giesinger & Kendall Jenner

About You – Probably one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Europe. The company’s goal is to digitize traditional shopping and create a personal shopping experience on the smartphone or laptop. The customer has the opportunity to choose from 2,000 brands and be infected by the unique fashion. The label focuses heavily on personalization to create close customer loyalty, this is how they tie people to the company for the long term. Through mobile shopping, About You generates sales of 1.17 billion euros in 2020/2021.


About You is a successful fashion company based in Hamburg, Germany. The label sells its fashion exclusively in the online store, but still manages to create a classic shopping experience like on the streets. Just a few years ago, clothes could only be shopped on the old-fashioned streets or shopping malls. About You’s vision was to create the first online destination where you can discover fashion and be inspired by products that match your personal style. The label wanted to produce the ordinary shopping trip to the Internet. The goal of About You Fashion Player number one in Europe to become. A motto “We are faster than the others”. They work quickly and above all efficiently within deadlines and prefer to implement ten small ideas quickly instead of putting a lot of time into a perfect one.

Six reasons for the success of About You

  1. Inspiration instead of demand fulfillment
    About You was developed as an online store that focuses on inspiration and creating demand. The majority of other online fashion retailers have so far left this segment out. On the other hand, they are geared more to demand shoppers.
  2. Open Commerce Approach
    About You allows third parties to develop applications for the store. They are intended to offer customers new, inspiring access to the products, as in a fashion magazine or a fashion blogger.
  3. Lookbooks and style templates
    The brand creates numerous style showcases with well-known stars, bloggers and influencers. They present their favorite styles in lookbooks, almost like on Instagram. Items of clothing displayed there link to the corresponding item in the online store.
  4. Individual shopping experience
    The fashion label relies on strong individualization. After logging in, the store logo transforms into a personal logo, such as “About Lena” or “About Tim. At About You, every user can store styling preferences, as well as follow brands, friends and influencers. This makes it possible for About You to customize the feed.
  5. Successful private label
    Among other things, About You has launched its own brand on the market: Edited. Already from the beginning a great success, so that it now has its own online store.
  6. Fashion operating system
    All these factors make About You a personal operating system for fashion.

Cooperations with About You

About You celebrates great success with numerous collaborations, which is why this field is being expanded more and more. Already big stars like Kendall Jenner, Stefanie Giesinger and Lena Gercke have designed a collection together with About You and sold out the collections within a few hours.

Nike x Stefanie Giesinger

After the great success of the campaign debut last year, About You releases the second co-branded campaign for the launch of the new “Nike Air Zoom SuperRep” training shoe. Under the motto “Back to Fitness,” the creative campaign motivates the target group of young women in digital channels to make exercise a daily habit. It aims to show women new ways to keep challenging themselves, become more active and integrate sports as an integral part of everyday life. Through a new format, women can go through a digital workout together with Stefanie Giesinger and Nike trainer Nada Ivanovic. Among other things, there was also one of 15 private training places to be won. The campaign focuses entirely on the theme of empowerment and is thus intended to inspire and motivate the entire community to be more active in sports. With the combination of a strong, value-driven storyline and a media plan for digital formats, About You is once again positioning itself as a full service in its collaboration with Nike.

Lena Gercke timeless clothing

Lena Gercke, a true multi-talent. She not only cuts a fine figure as a presenter and model, but is also a top star in the sky as a designer. In cooperation with About You, she designs dreamlike pieces that are one thing above all: Timeless!

Smiles: First collection with Cro

In December 2021 About You launched the first collection with Cro, one of the biggest and most famous artists in Germany. A unisex collection was launched and the central element of the collection is a design element created by Cro himself. All pieces and styles create their own Cro world and have the potential to become real collectibles.

Kendall Jenner x About You

Who does not know her? One of the most famous faces in this world. With the brand Kendall & Kylie, the two youngest sisters of the Kardashians clan celebrate great success on the international fashion market and are no longer imaginable without them. Their fashion line with About You is suitable for everyday wear and uncomplicated. The clothes can thus be combined effortlessly but always ensures a perfectly fitting look. The goal of Kendall Jenner that the unique woman feels confident, feminine and attractive.

Q&A About You

Who is behind About You?

About You was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of the Otto Group and is now part of the portfolio of the group, which remains the largest shareholder.

Where is the company?

About You KG is a German manufacturer of clothing, shoes and accessories in Hamburg.

Is About You a Marketplace?

The brand is currently becoming increasingly relevant as an online marketplace for fashion brands and retailers. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that the marketplace focuses on inspiration and demand creation instead of demand fulfillment.

How much revenue does About You make?

In the second quarter of 2021/2022, sales amounted to around 395.6 million euros. Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, sales at the online store rose by 53.3 percent. In the 2020/2021 financial year, annual sales exceeded the billion euro mark for the first time.

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