Asics: Which Asics running shoes are the best?

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Asics is a world-renowned Japanese sports shoe brand that is especially popular among joggers and runners. The major company specializes in running shoes that make a short walk or during sports a great feeling on the foot with their light weight and comfortable sole.

Running shoes and sneakers: For ladies

Walk more comfortably on a long walk, no problem. But another expensive black sports shoe in your closet? Maybe bring a little color into play, maybe something unusual, an eye-catcher. The running shoe from Asics likes to surprise with trendy design and not everyday color plays. The Asics Gel Kayano for women in a color combination that is rather unusual but looks mega good and is lightweight. For every woman who wants to own a different running shoe, an absolute must have.

Running shoes men

Getting a top running shoe at a reasonable price? Super hard, because the nearest outlet center is usually many kilometers away. Conveniently, there are many reviews on YouTube about Asics, one of the most popular brands for running shoes. Product designers are constantly coming up with new designs for men and women. But they also keep using new materials for the shoes, for example to make them lightweight, like the Asics Lyte (which I’ll introduce you to in a moment). Due to the new designs but also the constantly new materials, professional running shoes from Asics of course cost a few euros more, but the investment in a good sneaker for sports is worth it.

Cheap, comfortable, a shoe suitable for running for long distances. Men turn to the Asics brand when choosing running shoes. The Asics provides a stable support while running and a feeling of lightness.

Specials: Gel Lyte, Nimbus & Kayano

Gel Lyte

Lyte? Lyte of course stands for Light! With this Asics means a super light feel that is important, especially when you run longer distances. Whether asphalt or the wet forest floor after a rain. With this shoe you always have a secure grip and it feels like a second skin. Don’t you think? Check out the review from Sneakerness. The Gel Lyte with the Gel sole stands for a casual, comfortable and stylish design. Here’s why everyone should have this shoe in their closet.

Gel Nimbus – Soft or not? Review

Finding the right running shoe is not that easy. In the city center you rattle off store after store and online it is no different, thousands of offers can be found in online shops from different manufacturers and companies. There is one shoe from Asiscs that many runners swear by, the Nimbus! Some may know the term from Harry Potter, but it has nothing to do with it! The big question: Is the Gel Nimbus too hard, soft or even too soft? What does Jamison Michael say about the running shoe from Asics? Does the Gel Nimbus fail or can it prove itself like the other Asics shoes?

Gel Kayano

You are in the city and your favorite sneakers give up the ghost or you are tired of wearing the same shoes every day? You’re also looking everywhere for a shoe that’s comfortable, looks good and goes with everything. Ever heard of the Gel Kayano? No – then it’s time. The Asics shoe convinces not only with the wearing conformity but also with the design. Comfortable, cosy and easy to slip on like a sock, the Gel Kayano is a top shoe that you should definitely own.

Special. Asics x G.I. Joe ‘Cloaked in Shadows’

Everyone knows or has heard of the movie. G.I. Joe. Mega well received science fiction with two parts. If you ask yourself now, what does G.I. Joe have to do with a sneaker or with Asics. Simple, because Asics has released a G.I Joe collection. Color technique very simple for everyone who likes it plain and simple in white and black. But it would be a bit boring if it only had the colors. Asics builds in some elements in their collection that G.I. Joe fans will recognize and love, but also non fans will love the little details. So if you are a big fan of the Dilogy and need a new shoe you should definitely get this shoe. WearTester has tested the shoe and reports about it

Asics Fit Guide

You’re standing in the store and the salesperson asks you for your shoe size and brings you out the shoe and suddenly the shoe is too big or too small. Does this situation seem familiar to you in which everyone has found themselves. Why is it that you don’t have the same size in every shoe? Each brand has small differences miest differently or set the measurement differently. Then there are subtle differences between the models, are they narrow or wide cut. To prevent this there are many sizing videos on Youtube and other platforms. Here you have a video where different Asics models are tried out.

Wearing Asics: Travel and Documentaries

Dubai-Oman: From coast to coast

I say only huge buildings and beautiful coastline and a world-renowned hotel with an unusual shape. Exactly the metropolis and the dream of many tourists – Dubai. Asics is convinced of their products and want to prove it. In an experiment, Asics equips 7 women with their running shoes and films them. Sounds quite pleasant at the beginning. The difficulty here is that the women have to cover a distance of 180 kilometers. As if that wasn’t enough, they run from Dubai to Oman along the coast, over stone paths, dunes and huge sand mountains. Will the Asics products hold up under all these conditions?

Asics Gel Lyte III after 6 years – Test

You want to change something in the world, even just save money or you want to put on sustainability. You know it, you buy a new pair of sneakers every time and the old ones are sold, given away or disposed of. But have you ever wondered how long such a shoe keeps well and how long it is still comfortable? Youtuber Mr.Foamer Simpson, as he calls himself on his channel, makes a video about this and shares his experience with the Asics Gel Lyte III, how it looks after 6 years and how it wears. What makes the shoe so special and what do I have to do to keep it that long?

The future of the running shoe – for 250 euros?

We deal every day with the question: “What to wear today?” or “What shoes to wear to this event?”. Would you buy a running shoe that fits perfectly, is comfortable and gives you some power for 250 Euro? First you would ask me about the brand or what makes the shoe so special. If I told you this was the sneaker of the future and it was perfectly optimized, would you buy it? What does Jamison Michael say about Asics’ running shoe of the future?