Performance marketing agency: reach and sales – tasks

Performance Marketing Agency – At photo shoots, commercials, but also at castings, you will more often meet people from media agencies! Within the media agencies there are many differences, between event agency, PR agency, media agency…sometimes you will also meet people from performance marketing agencies. So you know what the tasks of a performance marketing agency are and the services they provide for their clients, here’s a little overview! Back to all: Marketing Agencies.

What are the goals of a performance marketing agency?

When you meet someone from a performance marketing agency, they are all about one thing, reach! Not through classic communication (print, TV, cinema, radio, etc.), but almost exclusively through online marketing.

After outreach, however, the work is not over. The second step is about the visitor ideally doing something. For example, buying a product in the online store.

Therefore, it makes sense that sometimes representatives of a performance marketing agency are on site during a shoot to check the results directly during production. After all, changes can still be made here! Everything that has to be changed afterwards, post-production, costs a lot of money and means additional effort.

What makes a performance marketing agency nearby?

What does a performance marketing agency do?

Let’s take a look at the most important tasks of a performance marketing agency in more detail.

Google SEO, SEA & Display Ads

A very big aspect of performance marketing agencies is of course the whole world of Google. Google has grown as a search engine provider to become one of the largest companies in the world. Meanwhile, this is no longer just about finding answers to questions by asking a search query, Google is about advertising, inside the search engine, advertising outside the search engine (display ads) and of course it’s also about Google Shopping.

How do we get reach on the Internet?

E-commerce has been growing since the beginning of every year. 10% growth is the absolute minimum. Accordingly, more and more old and established brands are moving into the digital space. For them, the big question then naturally arises, how do we get reach on the Internet? This is exactly where performance marketing agencies come into play. They not only take care of the reach, but also make sure that something comes out of the reach, e.g. a sale in the online store.

Advertising (Ads): Reach Boost

Advertising is the fastest way to reach people. Especially on platforms like Google, which have several million people on their site every day in Germany alone. Even better, thanks to the search queries, performance marketing agencies can place their ads exactly to the people who are interested in a topic. This increases the likelihood that someone will visit our online store or even increase a product purchase!

So Google’s main concern is to be visible in the search results. This can be achieved either through search engine optimization, e.g. through good texts, which takes a long time, or quickly and easily through targeted advertising.

Social Media Marketing & Ads

Google has become one of the largest companies in the world through digitization, as have social network platforms. At the forefront, of course, is Facebook, which has created its own social media universe primarily through its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, for example. Nowadays, almost everyone is active on at least one social network. So every day, companies, brands can easily reach millions, even billions of people worldwide. The big question is how?

Performance marketing agencies are digital natives by nature and accordingly very active in social media marketing and advertising.

Nowhere else can people be reached as precisely as here. After all, we know their interests, their age, we know which people they follow, did you know that Facebook alone has 2,700 records on each person? Of course, performance marketing agencies can’t see every detail of every person, but they can target ads to people who are interested in a topic, for example. But they can also send ads targeted to people who are a certain age, who live in a certain location. This is what makes social media marketing so interesting for performance marketing agencies. After all, it’s not just about reach for them, it’s about getting a deal! They sign up for a newsletter, they follow our Instagram channel, they buy a product in the online store.

The best marketing agencies

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Growth strategy: A/B testing

In order for performance marketing agencies to achieve these goals for their clients, they don’t start right away, of course; they develop a strategy.

As a rule, everything starts with an initial meeting and a workshop, together with the client. Here, a look is taken at the brand, the target group, the history of the company, but also at the last activities in marketing. In the second step, the goals are discussed, which should ideally be achieved by working with a performance marketing agency.

A target-oriented growth strategy is then developed from this actual and target status. This growth strategy then contains all sub-areas, the individual budgets, the times at which campaigns are played out and, of course, the optimization through subsequent analysis and reporting of the measures. In the technical term, A/B testing.

Simply explained, campaign 1 is compared to campaign 2, which campaign has been more successful?

The worse campaign is discontinued, the better one is expanded, so the effectiveness, the efficiency of the campaigns is constantly increased! As described before, reach is not everything, at the end is the acquisition of new customers.

New customer acquisition

Whether you’re a small startup or a big, established brand, new customers are worth a lot to everyone! Such a new customer, buys once, maybe even regularly. But each new customer can also become a person who recommends the brand to others.

A new customer generates new sales and is therefore the ultimate goal when we talk about performance marketing.

Reporting & Controlling

In the end, the numbers have to be right! Already at the beginning, in the growth strategy, certain key figures were defined, by which the efficiency and success of the campaign is measured. Here again a very simple example, let’s say the company wants to reach 10 million people, between 20 and 30 years, in Germany. For this, the company provides sum x. Of these 10 million people who have seen our ad, we want to end up with at least 100,000 sales. That would be one percent of the people who have seen our ad.

Various channels are then used for this, for example Google, Instagram, TikTok or content marketing in blogs and trade magazines. All these channels receive a million budget. After three months, they are evaluated and it is seen which channel has brought in the most new customers. This is how the results from reporting are checked in controlling. Campaigns with poorer performance results are cancelled or optimized. Successful campaigns are optimized and expanded.

Performance Marketing Agency: Tasks & Services

Growth, new customers, these are the goals and tasks of a performance marketing agency. Let’s summarize again briefly here:

  • Google SEO, SEA & Display Ads
  • Social Media Marketing & Ads
  • Amazon Ads & Display Ads
  • Growth strategy
  • New customer acquisition
  • Reporting & Controlling

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