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Agencies – Which agencies are there? Here is our agency overview for you! Marketing, media & advertising, there are so many, different agency types: Branding, Content, Design, Creative, Events, Influencer, Marketing, Social Media, Performance to Management Consulting. Learn everything you need to know about marketing, media and advertising agencies here. For models, for brands.

Agency list: Who does what?

Our large CM agency list contains all the important agencies that brands hire, for more success. Starting with building a brand, for example through creative agencies, media agencies to reach and sales promotion, with the support of performance agencies, inbound agencies or even influencer marketing agencies. For this we have described over 25+ agencies for you: Their goals, their tasks and the look at individual task areas in detail.

When modeling, you will work with many different media & marketing agencies on jobs. You’ll meet them at castings, photo shoots, fashion shows and commercials. Learn the differences here.

All agencies, one list!

The branding agency makes the beginning.

Branding agency: brand building

Branding agency – The term branding stands for the image of a uniform brand. Brands that practice good brand management have a consistent brand image, which is also regularly renewed a little. Simply put, branding agencies make brands. An understandable example of brand management are fashion brands, because the very term fashion stands for trend, means constant change. Thus, even large fashion brands try to constantly reinvent themselves and still remain true to their identity.

If new ideas are implemented in photos and videos or even in a fashion show, you come into play as a model.

Content marketing agency: Content

Content Marketing Agency – The word content stands for good content, no matter in what form, text, photo, video, marketing campaign or anything else, say among other things art. Content can be as good as it is, without the right reach, it gets lost in the media flood. That’s why content marketing agencies combine the creation of good content with strategies to get it clicked a lot, read a lot or viewed a lot.

Design agency: Visual communication

Design Agency- Imagine you’re walking downtown, scrolling through your favorite social app or browsing the web. What’s the first thing you look for? Colors! Of course, design agencies are about much more than just colors. Very fundamentally, though, they are responsible for ensuring that companies have a certain look. Often starting with basic colors, the logo, from which the further strategy develops over image brochures to the retail store (POS).

The best marketing agencies

Now in FIV Magazine, the top 100 agencies:

Digital agency: Digital appearance

Digital agency – Digital agencies pursue the goal of forming uniform brand presences. Instead of commissioning different agencies, a central agency takes care of the brand presence. Unlike traditional advertising agencies, digital agencies specialize in the online world.

Dialog Marketing Agency: Communication

Dialog Marketing Agency – Dialog Marketing Agency means first of all communication! Accordingly, dialog marketing agencies help to reach the target groups of the brands (potential buyers).

E-commerce agency: Marketplace

E-commerce Agency – Online shopping is the typical way we shop today. The competition is fierce. That’s why companies book e-commerce agencies. They develop online stores and improve them so that buyers have a nice and worry-free shopping experience.

Event Agency: Live Marketing

Event Agency – Event marketing is about promoting a specific topic. The means chosen for this is not the classic advertisement, but a live event. Often, well-known people are invited, who in turn ensure that other people talk about the event or media.

Full Service Agency: Everything under one roof

Full Service Agency – The full service agency undertakes the development of customized advertising campaigns for its clients. This includes the conception, planning and implementation of creative ideas that effectively convey the brand or product message and appeal to the target audience.

Inbound Marketing Agency: Digital Sales

Inbound marketing agency – The goals are very clear, it is about building reach to achieve deals. Such a deal can be the booking of a workshop, the purchase of a ticket or the sale of a fashion item in the online store. The technical term for this is conversion. The higher the conversion, the better.

Influencer Marketing Agency: Referral Marketing

Influencer marketing agency – As always in marketing and advertising, it’s all about reach. To ensure that reach doesn’t fizzle out and users don’t lose interest in content, well-known personalities from social networks who enjoy a high level of trust in their community are booked. In this way, a brand is charged with the positive image of an influencer.

Internet & Web Agency: Online presence

Internet & Web Agency – Internet and web agencies pursue the goal of creating a platform for brands on the Internet, e.g. through websites or online stores. You will find representatives of such internet and web agencies relatively rarely on photo shoots and video shoots, but it is good to know what they do! After all, almost all of your future clients use web sites.

Communication agency: Reaching people

Communication agency – The aim of a communication agency is to communicate the advertising messages of brands, for this they use different ways and methods. At the same time, the advertising messages are reformulated and packaged differently. Communication agencies deal mainly with strategy work, media work and content production.

So when a new campaign is being developed, or even just a first creative concept, you may meet someone from a communications agency as a model!

Creative agency: Ideas and concepts

Creative agency – Creative agencies aim to create a holistic brand presence. Across all channels from conception to implementation. Creative agencies analyze their customers, the products, the target groups and at the same time deal with trends, what is currently on the rise? In this way, they can develop creative ideas that are then used for individual new products or even for the complete relaunch (redesign) of a brand.

Marketing agency: brand awareness

Marketing agency – The big goal of a marketing agency is to increase sales for customers. For this purpose, various fields are looked at, for example, the level of awareness of the company. The better known a brand is, the more likely it is that customers will talk about it, buy it. The more customers are convinced, the bigger the company’s market share will be compared to the competition.

Media agency: place advertising

Media Agency – Media agencies specialize primarily in buying advertising space. When a brand wants to be ubiquitous, it can quickly become expensive, between TV, online ads, magazines…to ensure campaigns are well planned and costs remain manageable, media agencies organize ad placement for their clients.

Media Agency: Idea to production

Media agency – Media agencies not only design concepts, they profitably put all ideas, planning and strategies into practice. Media planning and production then encompasses all important target groups, channels and KPIs. This saves customers valuable time.

Mobile App Agency: Tools for Smartphones

Online Marketing Agency: Sales

Online marketing agency – The big goal of an online marketing agency is reach and deals. A deal can be, for example, an entry in a newsletter, but also a sale in an online store. For online marketing agencies to build reach in the right target group, the right strategy is needed.

Performance marketing agency: optimization

Performance Marketing Agency – When you meet someone from a performance marketing agency, they are all about one thing, reach! Not through classic communication (print, TV, cinema, radio, etc.), but almost exclusively through online marketing.

After outreach, however, the work is not over. The second step is about the visitor ideally doing something. For example, buying a product in the online store.

PR Agency: Creating publicity

PR agency – The big goal of a PR agency is attention for a brand, simply said reach and the right image of a brand. For this purpose, a PR agency develops concepts, for communication and carries these messages to the outside, for example, through cooperation with journalists and magazines, agencies but also influencers.

Social Media Agency: TikTok & Co.

Social media agency – reach, awareness, community building. The objective can be very different for a social media agency. At the very least, it is always about reach, for example in social media advertising. However, if we talk about social media marketing, it is also about more advanced measures, for example, building a community.

SEO / SEA Agency: Google & Co.

SEO / SEA Agency – Google has grown as a search engine provider to one of the largest companies in the world. Meanwhile, this is no longer just about finding answers to questions by asking a search query, Google is about advertising, inside the search engine, advertising outside the search engine (display ads) and of course it is also about Google Shopping.

Strategy Agency: Thinking the Future

Strategy agency – A strategy agency is always about the big picture, i.e. long-term planning for a brand, a product or a completely new project. Strategy agencies help to establish brands and they help to build and expand them.

Management consulting: Development

Management consulting – Management consultancies work in many sub-areas, but if we look at basic work, management consultancies are always about making existing companies more profitable. To do this, they take a look at the company or brand, sometimes even a product line, and try to find weaknesses that they improve through new methods and ideas.

Video / Film Agency: Concept & Production

Video / Film Agency – The big goal of any video / film agency is the creation of video footage that will later be used in various media. For this purpose, they plan concepts, video settings, the shooting itself, then edit the video footage and plan, if necessary and sufficient size of the agency, even the publication.

Advertising agency: full service for awareness

Advertising agency – Whether full service or sub-disciplines such as brand building, corporate design, advertising copy, search engine marketing and public relations, marketing has become complex. In addition, new strategies are being added, such as social media and influencer marketing. But what does an advertising agency actually do?

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Agency types: List

Here again all agency types in a list: