App agency: development, programming, presentation – tasks

App Agency – What does an app agency do? Development, programming, presentation. As a model, you will work with many agencies on set as they implement their ideas for campaigns with photos and videos. Back to all of them: Agencies.

App Agency: Overview

More about the app agency coming soon.

Tasks of the App Agency

  • Conception of new apps
  • Implementation of customer requirements
  • Development and programming
  • Presentation of the apps to customers
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies

Cooperation with other agencies

Among other things, app agencies work closely with design agencies, which, for example, provide the individual graphic elements or the entire design concept of the app. Many apps, especially in the fashion sector, are programmed for shopping. Then the e-commerce agency comes into play to link the online store and the app.

Everything around the app is planned, often by a higher-level advertising agency or even full-service agency.

What makes an app agency?

Agencies: Marketing, Media & Advertising

Agencies – Media, Advertising & Marketing, there are so many, different types of agencies. As a model you will work with many agencies on photo shoots, fashion shows or commercials on set. Here’s a little overview for you.