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App Agency – What does an app agency do? Development, programming, presentation. As a model, you will work with many agencies on set as they implement their ideas for campaigns with photos and videos. Back to All: Marketing Agencies.

Tasks of the App Agency

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Conception of new apps
  2. Implementation of customer requirements
  3. Development and programming
  4. Presentation of the apps to customers
  5. Knowledge of the latest technologies

Conception of new apps

The App Agency is responsible for developing innovative ideas and concepts for new mobile applications. This includes understanding the requirements and needs of the customers and identifying solutions that meet the requirements while providing an outstanding user experience.

Implementation of customer requirements

The app agency implements the individual requirements and wishes of the customers. This involves working closely with customers to incorporate their specific ideas and requirements into the development of the apps. Clear communication plays a crucial role in ensuring that the customer’s wishes are fully understood and implemented.

Development and programming

The app agency is responsible for the technical development and programming of the mobile applications. The latest technologies and best practices are used to develop high-quality, secure and high-performance apps. The developers work closely with the concept and design team to implement the functionalities and user interface of the apps in the best possible way.

Presentation of the apps to customers

The app agency presents the finished apps to the customers and allows them to see the applications in action. Here, the apps’ functionalities, design and usability are presented and feedback from the customers is gathered. The presentation also serves to clarify questions and make final adjustments before the final release.

Knowledge of the latest technologies

The app agency constantly keeps up with the latest technology and has expertise in the current trends and developments in the app sector. This includes platforms (e.g. iOS, Android) as well as programming languages, frameworks and other technologies. Through regular training and research, the agency remains competitive and can offer its customers the best possible solutions.

The app agency thus plays an important role in the design, development and presentation of mobile apps, ensuring that customer needs are met and the latest technological capabilities are utilized.

Cooperation with other agencies

Among other things, app agencies work closely with design agencies, which provide the individual graphic elements or the entire design concept of the app. Many apps, especially in the fashion sector, are programmed for shopping. Then the e-commerce agency also comes into play to link the online store and the app.

Everything around the app is planned, often by a higher-level advertising agency or even full-service agency.

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