Dialog Marketing Agency: Communication, Campaigns, Media Planning – Tasks

Dialog Marketing Agency – When you are a model on a shooting set, you will have to deal with many representatives from agencies. For example, also from dialog marketing agencies. Here is the most important information for you about their tasks and services for customers, so that you know what a dialog marketing agency does. Among other things, they are responsible for campaign planning. Accordingly, it can always be that someone is on site to ensure that everything is implemented as planned. Back to all: Agencies.

What are the goals of a dialog marketing agency?

Dialog marketing agency means first of all one thing communication! Accordingly, dialog marketing agencies help to reach the target groups of the brands (potential buyers).

What makes a dialog marketing agency nearby?

What does a dialog marketing agency do?

The areas of responsibility of a dialog marketing agency cover pretty much everything that concerns the external communication of a brand. From the initial development of ideas, tailored to the individual target groups, to campaign planning and customer loyalty strategies.

Idea development and target group consulting

Idea development + target group consulting – Everything starts with the target group, their very individual needs, wishes and ideas.

Target groups are so important in marketing because they divide people into smaller groups. For example, the target group of a fashion brand could be a young person between 17 and 26 with a high affinity for trends and fashions. Ideas are then tailored precisely to this target group.

Campaign planning: create strategy

After the target groups and the ideas come the concrete campaign. Accordingly, dialog marketing agencies also take over campaign planning. Campaign planning then means selecting the right media, the right time periods, but also defining key figures that can be used to check success later.

Media planning: What happens where and when?

Media planning – Media planning is once again a category all its own, within the dialog marketing agency.

After all, a lot of money can be burned, and a single commercial can quickly run into the millions. Accordingly, new ways are constantly being sought to reach target groups, and social media apps are of course particularly effective. After all, they already provide marketing agencies with a great deal of user data, which can be used to play out campaigns. Just think back to the age of our target group, from 17 to 26, ads can be played out to exactly this target group.

The best marketing agencies

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Customer retention strategy: regular customers

Customer retention strategy – Every new customer costs a lot of money to acquire. That’s why it’s smart to turn regular customers into loyal ones, and accordingly, customer retention strategy is also part of the tasks of a dialog marketing agency. Existing customer data can also be used, for example in e-mail marketing, which is still very popular. Customers who have already bought in the online store are known and accordingly what they have bought.

Communication strategy: brand impact

Communication strategy – The larger the company, the greater the planning. For some brands, a whole communication strategy is set up accordingly, to which all employees, freelancers, and representatives later orient themselves. A very simple example would be, let’s address people simply as Du, hello Tanja, or let’s take the more polite form, hello Ms. Schneider. Through a consistent communication strategy, brands can create a consistent brand presence. This ensures recognition, sameness, and thus also increases customer loyalty.

Sales support: sales increase

Sales support – Dialog marketing is also classically about sales, i.e., the sale of goods and services. Accordingly, within the communication strategies, care is always taken to ensure that sales measures are supported.

Here is another simple example. Imagine two ads, on one ad you see a leather jacket. On the other ad you see a leather jacket, with the small slogan “Now new in the store”. Instead of the single, new product, the user is also directly given the hint, you can buy this jacket! As I said, just a small, simple example of how the communication strategy can be linked to sales.

Corporate Design, Graphics & Layout

Corporate design, graphics & layout – Dialog marketing includes text, but also images. Accordingly, dialog marketing agencies also take over parts of the tasks of design agencies. E.g. the corporate design, this is a uniform design concept for a company. Website, e-commerce, image brochures, billboard advertising, local stores, everything has a uniform look.

Web design / UI (user interface)

Web Design / UI – Most companies currently rely on online marketing strategies, for their corporate communications. One of the central tools is their own website. Accordingly, dialogue marketing agencies are also increasingly making in the field of web development.

UI stands for User Interface, simply put, the look of the website. Is everything clear, structured and simple? Do you have clear paths, e.g. a button with contact or directly 20 different… all these are small levers with which dialog marketing agencies work to inform people even better about brands, their goods and services.

Dialog Marketing Agency: Tasks & Services

Let’s summarize the typical tasks of a dialog marketing agency once again. These are the services:

  • Idea development
  • Target group consulting
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Customer retention strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Sales Support
  • Corporate Design, Graphics & Layout
  • Web design / UI

If you run into a person from a dialogue marketing agency at your next modeling job, you now know roughly what they do for the client.

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