Marketing agency: strategy, growth and turnover – tasks

Marketing Agency – If you are a model on castings or even on jobs for photo shoots and commercials, you will often meet people from marketing agencies! Marketing agencies help their clients to increase their awareness and reach. This is the central task of a marketing agency. Learn a little more about the work of a marketing agency here! Then, should you run into someone who works there at your next job, you’ll already know a little bit about it. Back to all: Marketing Agencies.

What are the goals of a marketing agency?

Let’s first take a look at the different goals that a marketing agency pursues with its work.

Increase sales and growth

The main goal of a marketing agency is to increase sales for customers. For this purpose, various fields are looked at, for example, the level of awareness of the company. The better known a brand is, the more likely it is that customers will talk about it, buy it. The more customers are convinced, the larger the company’s market share will be compared to the competition. Often also in cooperation with performance marketing agencies when it comes to digital marketing.

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Increase brand awareness and market share

In the second step, it’s no longer just about getting the word out, but about marketing being efficient. For example, if there is an expensive marketing channel that is less efficient compared to the others, e.g. ads in trade magazines, compared to Instagram ads, the more expensive channels are cut. This increases the profitability (profit of the company).

Customer satisfaction and recommendation

Customer satisfaction is another important goal of marketing agencies. This is about, for example, whether people recommend a brand or a product to others. But it is also about ratings, for example in search engines or on online portals. The higher the customer satisfaction, the more positive the perception through recommendations and good ratings.

Improve customer loyalty

Every new customer costs money if you want to reach him or her with ads. A final important goal is therefore to improve customer loyalty. If a single customer buys not just once, but five or even ten times, there is hardly any need to invest any advertising budget for this. In this way, profitability (profit) is increased again.

Let’s summarize the tasks again:

  • Sales increase
  • Increasing the level of awareness
  • Increase in market share
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty

What does a marketing agency do?

Let’s now go into a little more detail about the individual areas of responsibility.

Classic communication

When we think of advertising these days, we naturally think first of the Internet, social media, but classic communication should not be forgotten either. Let’s start with a typical business card. Thinking further flyers, brochures, logos, there are so many media formats (often with design agency and creative agency). Marketing agencies therefore pursue a holistic aspect, which also includes the classic communication channels, such as printed brochures. Classic communication includes all marketing measures that do not take place digitally or online. This could also be a small stand in the middle of the city, with two people addressing people.

Which of these marketing actions really makes sense is of course planned in advance here we come to the advertising measures, their development and later implementation.

Develop and implement advertising measures

Developing promotional activities means, first of all, finding methods that appeal to the brand’s target audience than the people who might buy the brand’s products. The second major goal, simply put, money should not be wasted. Of course, marketing agencies can do anything! But what is really efficient and ensures that new customers or prospects are acquired?

This is exactly what marketing agencies think about. In the end, everything is packaged in a uniform, short concept for the customer. So that the advertising measures are clearly comprehensible, as are their goals.

The advertising measures can then lead from the classic communication, which we have just learned about, to live events, to online and digital marketing methods.


Sponsoring is still a big topic for marketing agencies. And it’s not just about classic sponsorship, e.g. on a sports jersey; sponsorship naturally also includes collaboration with influencers. Hardly any other brand ambassador today manages to reach as many people as influencers. In sponsoring, therefore, advertising partners are specifically sought who fit the brand’s target group, the brand itself and who can spread the marketing messages.

Sponsorship thus also has a smooth transition to our next task of public relations.

Public Relations

Public relations can have many aspects. In general, however, public relations is always about creating attention for a brand. Here again, various methods can be incorporated, classic communication, e.g. through radio spots, but also modern sponsoring of influencers on social media.

In all these cases, the brand gains attention. By choosing the right partners, whether it’s a live event, a trade magazine or an influencer, care is taken to ensure that the brand’s philosophy, values, but also quality match the partner in question.

Simply put, let’s say it’s children’s fashion, then a Mummy event on the weekend could be a possibility, e.g. in the flagship store, as well as targeted collaboration with young parents who also have high reach on social media.

In all cases, the initial goal is not sales, but brand awareness and spreading the marketing message.

This is how public relations makes a brand better known, bit by bit.

Dialogue marketing

Dialog marketing is the core, here it is not yet about the big reach, but about how we talk to our target group. What do we talk about. Very simple example would be, do we communicate in you or do we use the polite form you. If we communicate using a simple you, we put ourselves on the same level with our counterpart. If we communicate with a polite you, we create more value and some distance. Depending on what the brand’s goals are, a decision is made. Of course, this is only a very simple example, but it shows you what dialog marketing is all about.

Online / Social Marketing

Online marketing agencies rely on three ways, the first way is advertisements. This allows the greatest reach to be achieved. These ads are then placed, for example, in search engines, in online magazines or on blogs. A second way is organic content, which means self-produced content. This can be in the form of blog articles, for example, a guide for a particular fashion topic, or social media postings from photos on Instagram to Youtube explainer videos. This also brings us to the third pillar in online marketing, social media marketing. Here, either self-produced content is published or there is targeted collaboration with others, here we are again with influencer marketing.

Through these three methods, marketing agencies increase visibility and reach for brands.

Event marketing, trade fairs

So far, many media have been created, advertising concepts developed, online marketing operated, but in addition there is also the large area of events and trade fairs. Here there are some advantages, e.g. one can enter directly into a personal dialogue, with facial expressions, mood and gestures. People can feel products, test them themselves, they can get to know the creators behind the ideas, and sometimes meet prominent guests.

All this and much more is the advantage of live events. This can be event marketing for private individuals, but also trade fairs for business customers.

Marketing Agency: Tasks & Services

If you happen to meet a person from a marketing agency at a casting, photo shoot or video shoot, you now know the most important tasks! Marketing agencies make sure that brands get noticed. To do this, they work with partners, from trade magazines to influencers, they place online ads, they host live events

The tasks of a marketing agency include:

  • Classic communication
  • Develop and implement advertising measures
  • Sponsoring
  • Public Relations
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Online / Social Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Fairs and B2B

Agencies: Marketing, Media & Advertising

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