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Content marketing agency – Who actually supplies the ideas for creative content, social media clips, creative texts and also editorial sections, e.g. in a fashion magazine? Among other things, content marketing agencies that only deal with the topic of content, work well, so are gladly looked at, gladly clicked and gladly read. Media, marketing, advertising, here it goes back to all: Agencies.

What are the goals of a content marketing agency?

The word content stands for good content, no matter in what form, text, photo, video, marketing campaign or anything else, let’s say art, among other things. Content can be as good as it is, without the right reach, it is lost in the flood of media.

That’s why content marketing agencies combine the creation of good content with strategies to get it clicked a lot, read a lot, or viewed a lot.

What makes a content marketing agency nearby?

What does a content marketing agency do?

As a model, you often work with different types of agencies. Accordingly, you will often meet managers and employees who come from these agencies! That’s why it’s good to know what a content marketing agency does.

Online PR and Online Marketing

Basically, the goals of a content marketing agency are to gain reach and awareness for a brand. Accordingly, nowadays there is a big focus on online PR(public relation) and online marketing, between websites, advertising on Google, social media postings and many other ways to reach people.

Accordingly, content marketing agencies have a very high connection to digital media.

The best marketing agencies

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Planning and implementation of content strategies

In order for the goals to be achieved and for public relations to work well within digital media, content strategies must of course first be planned and implemented. For planning, this means first and foremost a check of the previous, what has the brand done so far? After that, content marketing agencies usually check the competition, what are the others doing that are successful? In the third aspect, trends and future aspects are taken into account, where is society going? All of this will also be important later when it comes to target groups and their needs.

From this, the topics, time periods and media are then selected on which the content marketing agency expects the greatest success for the brand.

After planning and implementation, the next step is controlling, i.e. checking the results. For this, key figures are considered, e.g. very simple, how many people were reached? Was the target number exceeded or undercut?

This is how content marketing agencies develop their strategies and gradually improve them, with the insights gained from active implementation.

In the implementation phase, they also often work with other agencies, for example:

Content creation

Content marketing agencies pursue their strategies. In the concrete implementation, it is then mainly about the creation of content.

The content is always created to fit the individual media. A simple example: A photo on Instagram, with reference to the blog post. So on the one hand we have image format, perhaps with a small text or at least the image description, in addition there is the detailed guide in the blog, so on the website of the company. In the website there is the online store at the same time and so users are taken from an Instagram ad to the online store via the blog.

Already, an anonymous user on Instagram became a customer for the brand.

Control awarding to authors

New content needs to be produced every day, not only on weekdays but also on weekends and holidays big brands publish new content, no matter if it’s small social media posts or bigger PR and marketing campaigns.

Especially for the daily output, e.g. for search engine optimization in the form of texts and guides, it takes a lot of teamwork and several authors who take over the creation of the texts as professionals. For this purpose, the different subject areas and the different authors are coordinated among each other.

Entering content into a content management system (CMS)

A large part of the range of services offered by content marketing agencies is work in so-called content management systems. Simply put, the work in websites.

Almost everyone who has a question today, wants to book a vacation, buy a product, get information, goes through search engines. A simple search term, a question, you have the answer! This is exactly what content marketing agencies work on when they insert their texts into the websites (content management system). The texts are thus placed on the website, are initially in a draft status and are then usually published at a specified time.

In this way, content marketing agencies can constantly ensure new content, through advance planning and editorial plans. The various authors then work together to create an ever larger platform on a particular topic. An easy comparison is Wikipedia, here there is a good article on really every topic with helpful information for users. This is exactly the goal of content marketing agencies.

Measurement and optimization of measures

Planning and creating content is one thing, measuring success is another. After all, it’s no use publishing a lot of content if no one looks at it or reads through it. That’s why all measures are constantly measured, analyzed and optimized.

There are various options for this, e.g. software and online tools, which are also provided by major search engines such as Google itself. These include Google Analytics, for example, but also Google Search Console. With this you can simply put check the ranking in the search engines and see key figures about the users on your own website, for example how long do they stay on an article? Do they click on a second article?

Target groups and needs

Target audiences and needs – For content to perform well, it must be tailored to the target audience and their needs. Let’s say a car manufacturer would publish technical data as text on TikTok, not suitable for the target group. At the same time, it would not make sense to present a dance video if a customer is actively interested in consumption.

Accordingly, on the one hand target groups are analyzed, e.g. according to age, place of residence, interests or also their needs: What do they want? The more precisely the content is tailored to the individual target group, the better.

Customer Journey

The customer journey describes the path that a user takes. Earlier, you already saw in the example how an Instagram post or an Instagram Story brings a user to the website, which in turn has an integrated online store. This is how an anonymous Instagram user became a valuable customer.

These paths are already planned in the original content marketing strategy. Where are users addressed and how? The information of the target group and the needs help here. Content is produced specifically for them, so that they are noticed, for example, through social media, search engines, but also other PR actions, such as in other magazines.

These were the most important tasks and services of content marketing agencies. So if you happen to meet someone from a content marketing agency at a photo shoot or video shoot, you know the most important tasks! Let’s summarize everything for you once again.

Content marketing agency summarized

Many companies today see online marketing as their most important communication channel. That’s why they hire content marketing agencies.

  • Online PR and Online Marketing
  • Planning and implementation of content strategies
  • Content creation
  • Control awarding to authors
  • Entering content into a content management system (CMS)
  • Measurement and optimization of measures
  • Target groups
  • Needs
  • Customer Journey

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