Video & Film Agency: Planning, Production, Editing – Tasks

Video & Film Agency – When you work as a model, go on castings, photo shoots or even video shoots, you meet many people, from different types of agencies. Very often, of course, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, but especially film and video agencies, because they produce the new advertising films that we then see on streaming portals, on TV, in the cinema or even on large screens in the city center. Here’s a little insight into the work of a film and video agency, with the most important tasks. Back to all: Marketing Agencies.

What are the goals of a video / film agency?

The big goal of any video / film agency is to create video footage that will later be used in various media. For this purpose, they plan concepts, video settings, the shooting itself, then edit the video footage and, if necessary and sufficient size of the agency, also plan the publication.

Needs analysis and planning of the setting

Before a single second of video footage is shot, every video / film agency is primarily concerned with conceptualization, needs analysis and setting planning.

Video concepts are not always made directly by the agency, sometimes they are created in advance by advertising agencies or marketing agencies and then passed on to the agency as a concept.

In concrete terms, however, the work always begins with the needs analyses, i.e. simply put, what is needed for a particular shoot, for a particular concert? For this, the agency plans the right teams, the optimal technology from cameras to cables to batteries, in addition, the right location is needed and many, many more small details.

Filming on set: production

In the end, filming happens quickly, models are booked for 8 hours, the team is on location, then it’s all over. What can not be produced on that day, is only difficult to re-produce afterwards. Above all, it is expensive! That is why the planning of the video / film agency is so important. Often it starts months in advance. But sometimes only a few weeks before.

A shooting day is precisely timed, with a schedule, so that nothing goes wrong. Through the needs analysis, everything important should be in place from the individual team members, to the technology and make-up.

Editing and cutting of the video material

After the production, it goes into the editing and cutting of the video material. The right light, the right colors, the right sequences (film clips).

The cuts are then made on the basis of the concept learned at the very beginning. In this way, step by step, the finished video film is created, which was previously thought up by a creative agency, an advertising agency or even the video / film agency itself.

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What does a video / film agency do?

Here again quickly, the main tasks of the agency:

  • Needs analysis and planning of the setting
  • Filming on set: production
  • Editing and cutting of the video material
  • Retouch for extra photographs
  • Video publication

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