Mango Videos: Brand, Collections & Trends

Mango – A multinational corporation with a headquarters in Barcelona. The fashion chain is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of women’s and men’s fashion, as well as accessories. The brand is one of the most famous and popular high-street fashion chains. With advertising faces like Scarlett Johansson or Kendall Jenner, Mango enlists the most beautiful faces for their advertising campaign.

Mango – Summer and Winter Collections

The fashion label Mango produces collections every year to match the seasons. Let yourself be inspired by Mango fashion!

Summer collection

The sun comes out and a new day begins. A new opportunity to enjoy all that it’s worth it for: time with loved ones, nature and experiencing new things. Watch this trailer and get infected by the sun and the laughter of the people.

Chufy x Mango

Inspired by Mallorca, Spain, one of her favorite places in the world, our brand ambassador Sofia Sanchez de Betak has designed an exclusive collection of boho-style summer dresses with flowing cuts and made of sustainable fabrics. Mango is also introducing its first perfume collection for women. Six perfumes with personalities all their own.

Winter collection

Inspired by a vacation in the snow, this collection combines mountain anoraks with sustainable fillings and technical qualities, as well as soft and comfortable knitwear. Trendy and cozy has never looked so good on you.


Mango pursues the goal of reaching people primarily with messages. They implement these in the form of campaigns, thus creating a better and closer bond with the customer base. Let yourself be inspired by Mango’s unique and loving campaigns. Let one thing be known: Love is the key to your personal happiness. Love in the form of self-love, partner, friends or family.

DIY campaign

It’s time for a new wardrobe? Then give your basics an interesting twist and revamp them! An open door to a unique lifestyle. From the best style tips and the latest fashion trends to unique people who share the view of our world.

With Love To You

A connection that cannot be compared with any other. An unconditional support no matter when. Love of the realm. The mother-daughter bond is the most important gift there is. And the signs of affection and gratitude that prove it can never be enough.

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Zara videos: Fashion show, polo and sports car

Zara is one of the largest fashion companies in the world. A Spanish fashion company that was founded by Amancio Ortega. The fashion chain is internationally successful and has earned a place among the world’s super-rich. With fashion for young, stylish women Zara regularly sets trends and is very popular with both normal customers and stars. It not only focuses on fashion, but also sells accessories, shoes and jewelry.

H&M Videos: Commercials, fashion shows with Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid

The Swedish fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz – short: H&M – was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson in Västeras, Sweden. The textile retailer offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children through retail stores, as well as through its online store worldwide. The concept behind the brand is to produce constantly updated fashion at affordable prices. H&M, along with Asos and Urban Outfitters, belongs to one of the world’s largest distribution groups in the fashion industry, Inditex, and generates annual sales of $24.8 billion. The fashion brand H&M increasingly focuses on developing in topics such as sustainability.

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