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Fashion for strong women and Michael Kors for “powerful femininity” – this week the fashion world was all about the strong look for women. Destiny’s Child superstar Kelly Rowland entered into a collaboration with JustFab and created her first and impressive fashion collection. Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez also make it into the fashion news with the same dress: both wearing the new wow dress by Rodarte. Who do you think styled it better? Flair Magazine, Grazia, InStyle and co. also report on the hottest trend colours for this summer, the latest Asos and Zara must-haves and a Prada x UNESCO collaboration to preserve the world’s oceans. Click here to go directly to the current headlines of the magazines: Fashion News.

Trend sneaker from Adidas

Trendy sneakers – Superstars, Stan Smiths & Co: Adidas has built a recognizable brand image all over the world. We all know the sports brand with the three stripes, which produces shoes, clothing & sporty accessories. With a pair of sneakers, sweatpants or a sports shirt, Adidas can probably be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Fashion gurus predict a new Adidas sneaker hype for this year, read more about the trend model 2021 here.

You can also read more about Adidas in the fashion and lifestyle magazine FIV!

New cult sneaker from Adidas

In the last month, one particular shoe model from Adidas was searched for several times more than other Adidas sneakers on various online shopping platforms – it’s the Forum 84 shoe! The shoe was already named the hottest shoe trend of 2021 by InStyle Fashion Magazine some time ago, and it seems to be outranking our Adidas favourites the Superstars and Stan Smith this year.

Adidas Show About You Fashion Week

More big trends and the next fashion pieces from Adidas for 2021 you can also discover here in the video: At About You Fashion Week, Adidas presents new sports and streetwear pieces for the casual look. Cool urban wear as we know it from the brand with the three stripes!

Fashion Week! All Fashion News at a glance

This week’s top headlines:

Fashion Insider: Fashion for strong women by Kelly Rowland

New from Fashion Insider this week includes “Simone Rocha x H&M: favorite pieces from the new designer collection” and “Simone Rocha x H&M – The book to go with the collection.” More social media news:

L’Officiel: “Echappées belles” by Michael Kors

This week’s L’Officiel blog is all about “Powerful Femininity” and “Californian Coolness from Michael Kors”. Updates and news from the blog:

Instyle: Trend sneakers from Adidas 2021

This week in Instyle among others “Fashion trend: So casually model Alessandra Ambrosio wears the cult sweatpants from the 90s” but also “One trend dress, two fans: So differently Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez style the new wow dress”. New articles, headlines and trends:

Flair Magazine: Prada and UNESCO together – preserving the world’s oceans

New articles and posts from Flair Magazine this week include“Prada and UNESCO team up for ocean conservation”, “New permissiveness: sexy bralette” and “Trendy colors: Yellow and Grey in Dialogue”. More headlines of the week:

Girlfriend: These are the colors we wear in summer

This week girlfriend has interesting topics like “Fashion trend: these are the 2 most popular Asos pieces for spring” and “How to wear brooches? 5 extraordinary styling ideas” on the blog. Check out the posts and more tips here:

Grazia: Most beautiful black pieces from ZARA

New headlines this week also come from Grazia such as “The perfect dress length for women over 50” as well as “The most beautiful black pieces from ZARA”. More headlines: