Longchamp Videos: Fashion show, Kendall Jenner & interviews

Longchamp – In 1948, Jean Cassegrain reveals his unique vision of French elegance and reinvents the codes of modern luxury under the Longchamp brand. The dealer of leather-covered pipes extends his savoir-faire to the creation of travel accessories, handbags, clothing and shoes. Today, the Maison Longchamp is present all over the world. Just like the luxury brands Michael Kors, Prada and Guess, Longchamp Paris is particularly known for its high-quality and stylish bags. In this article you will learn more about Longchamp fashion, their collaborations with famous brands and an interview with Forbes magazine.

Ladies and men collection

The collections of the Parisian brand Longchamp are characterized by classic and elegant fashion. The bags collections of the brand is world famous.

Fall / Winter Collection

For her 4th show at New York Fashion Week, creative director Sophie Delafontaine designed a vision of a Parisian woman who is constantly on the move and ceaselessly in search of the new, the next.

Spring / Summer Collection

For the spring-summer collection, Sophie Delafontaine has been inspired by the spirit of the sun, creating a link between the psychedelic 70s and the graphic 90s. Leather and nylon, the two iconic fabrics of the Maison, are mixed to create a chic and sporty atmosphere.

Campaign: with supermodel Kendall Jenner

For its collection, Maison Longchamp reinterprets the Roseau design, one of its most famous lines from the time of its creation in the 90s. The bamboo-shaped closure remains the unique feature of these open-topped bags. Inspired by the button of a duffle coat that opens and closes easily, the bamboo-shaped toggle gives the line its DNA.

Music video: Très Paris

In his new film, Longchamp blurs the lines between fantasy and reality to portray Paris as the city of unlimited possibilities. It stars two Longchamp bags that are accidentally exchanged in the whirlwind of Paris at night. The commercial also features two trendy young women, a cute white kitten, an espresso, a smart man on a motorcycle and the Eiffel Tower.

Stars also love Longchamp: model Kendall Jenner

Directed by John Christopher Pina, the 60-second film features a stunning sequence of images as Kendall and the Longchamp horse run through Paris, which turns out to be a city of unexpected contrasts, from the classical grandeur of Place Vendôme to the soaring modern towers of the new Bibliothèque Nationale.

Collaborations: Pokémon & Mr.Bags


Longchamp x Pokémon

Pikachu, the mascot of the Pokémon brand, electrifies Le Pliage, the Maison Longchamp classic, bringing a touch of fun.

Longchamp x MrBags

The collection, which Longchamp launches for the third time in collaboration with Mr. Bags, is inspired by the concept of “Chihuo”, which means food in Chinese. The collection consists of 7 handbags in different sizes and a t-shirt.

Longchamp x Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally Unavailable drew inspiration from Longchamp’s iconic Le Pliage, not only for its unique cross-gender and cross-generational appeal, but also for its unlimited potential for artistic reinterpretation… The line alludes to the designer duo’s inspiration, namely the mindset of a boxing champion who keeps fighting even when he’s down.



Interview with Forbes Style Director: Future of Longchamp

Forbes Style Director, Joseph DeAcetis, on the future of Longchamp.