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Fear of God Videos – Collections, Nike & Jerry Lorenzo

Fear of God Videos – With the approach not to create something new, but to improve already known things, Jerry Lorenzo started his career as a curator or fashion ‘sampler’. One of the main trademarks at the beginning of his career was the long-cut t-shirt, which was designed for masculinity, unlike other well-known brands. The […]

Acne Studios Videos – Fashion, Art & Collaborations

Acne Studios Videos – Subliminal luxury and understatement are the hallmarks of fashion, which should look cool and personal. With the result that nothing is dominated by anything and every piece can be unceremoniously stylish. “Fashion is the best form of self-expression. “We like to design pieces that together make the coolest wardrobe, but are […]

Loewe Videos – Fashion, Art & Interviews

Loewe Videos – “Craft is the essence of Loewe,” says creative director Jonathan Anderson. Therein lies the modernity that will always be relevant. All collections are examples of Loewe’s multi-layered identity, related in spirit, unique in character. Together they convey Loewe’s unique attitude: fashion-oriented, open to different approaches and inspirations, with ideas that connect past, […]

Longchamp Videos: Fashion show, Kendall Jenner & interviews

Longchamp – In 1948, Jean Cassegrain reveals his unique vision of French elegance and reinvents the codes of modern luxury under the Longchamp brand. The dealer of leather-covered pipes extends his savoir-faire to the creation of travel accessories, handbags, clothing and shoes. Today, the Maison Longchamp is present all over the world. Just like the […]

Pimkie Videos: Commercials, Interview & Chloé Bechini

Pimkie – In 1971, French label Pimkie brought together three textile experts to create powerful collections that encourage women to express themselves. The rest is fashion history. With an eye on the world’s runways, the label presents casual collections with everyday basics like jersey T-shirts, denim, playsuits and cool swimwear. In this article you will […]

Urban Outfitters Videos: Fashion Haul, Women’s Fashion and Vintage Clothes

Urban Outfitters – the lifestyle retailer. Urban Outfitters offers creative and also sustainable women’s and men’s clothing for all seasons. Especially the vintage and denim products as well as collections of collaborations with Juicy, Ugg, Adidas and Champion are best sellers of the fashion brand. Get to know the brand for yourself. We’ve made the […]

Vogue Collection – Sweaters, Vogue Logo & Limited Editions

Vogue Collection – Everyone knows it, probably the most important fashion magazine in the world: Vogue. But Vogue is not only a magazine, but also successfully sells its own fashion brand, Vogue Collection, for a few years. In this article you will learn everything about the brand’s fashion, its most beautiful and impressive collections, collaborations […]

Manolo Blahnik: Hangisi, Carolyne & Witney shoes

Manolo Blahnik – The designer creates the shoes that women dream of. For over four decades, the Spaniard has been delivering ever new objects of desire for shoe fans all over the world and has been partly responsible for fashion moments that have burned themselves into the memory of us all. Hardly any shoe designer […]

Australia Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2021 – The Best Shows & Designers

Fashion Week Australia: Spring/Summer Fashion – Finally Fashion Week again! Fashion history is being made. New spring and summer novelties are presented in Sydney by Australian top designers and fashion brands on the catwalks by the beautiful models. From haute couture to Pret-A-Porter fashion lovers are in for a treat. Top fashion bloggers on Instagram, […]

GUESS: Bag, Dress & Jeans – Fashion Brand

Guess – The US-American fashion brand Guess starts with famous jeans, but meanwhile especially the bags, t-shirts, backpacks, belts, earring and dresses are popular. Whether in the online shop or in the store, they round off every outfit perfectly. The brand is also worn by the stars and so you can find the collobarations of […]

Under Armour Videos: Sports, Zalando & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Under Armour – Sport is murder, or not if you have the right clothes. Under Armour is a US brand that produces clothes for all kinds of sports. They offer different collections for individual sports, gymnastics, team sports or workouts in your living room during your free time. Especially for recreational sports, there is a […]

Fashion: History of the fashion industry

Fashion – What is fashion anyway? Fashion magazine, supermodel, designer and haute couture, maybe all terms you have heard before. Collectively, these things can be grouped under the main term of the fashion industry. This has evolved over centuries, making it seem a bit complicated. But you can actually figure it out pretty quickly! To […]

Haute Couture Story: Paris, New York, London – Dior, Chanel, Givenchy & Co.

Haute Couture – When you think of Fashion Week in Paris, the exciting clothes of Haute Couture probably come to mind pretty quickly. But what is actually behind haute couture? It’s actually quite simple, translated it means “elevated tailoring”. An association of different fashion brands decides on the rules under which a label may call […]

Chloé Videos: Fashion shows, perfume & Gwyneth Paltrow

Chloé – The women’s fashion brand Chloé stands for beautiful, elegant feminine fashion. But when the name Chloé is mentioned, one naturally thinks of the brand’s very successful perfume collection, which stands for noble and timeless women’s perfumes. In this article you will get an insight into the world of Chloé, the brand’s most popular […]

Swarovski Videos: Nike Sneakers, Victoria’s Secret, Jewellery & Co.

Swarovski Videos – A company worth billions of dollars – Swarovski. Since its founding in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the company has risen rapidly. Based in Wattens, Austria, the company has other parts like Swarovski Optik KG under it apart from its main distribution of the glass gemstones. Attention has been paid to excellent quality […]

Esprit: online shop, edc & dresses – fashion brand

Esprit – the online shop of Esprit for men and women and the young fashion brand “edc” are probably familiar to you. But did you know what’s behind it? And how did the famous “Esprit arena”, a football stadium in Düsseldorf, come about? The story began in the USA. A married couple sold clothes out […]

GUESS Videos: Fashion shows, bags & Camila Cabello

GUESS – The bags of the American denim label GUESS are especially popular. Besides these and other accessories you can find other collections here. The label is especially known for its denim and jeans looks. You can buy them in the online stores. Many campaigns run under self-confidence and sensuality. You can see how this […]

Ladies Brands – Fashion from Esprit, H&M & Benetton

Women’s brands – Especially for women, the topic of fashion is of great importance. If you prefer more designer brands, then Gucci and Prada are a good choice, but if you prefer more classic fashion brands, then you are guaranteed to find your taste at Zara and H&M. Discover a variety of brands for every […]

Tod’s: shoes, bags and fashion – the first steps of the luxury brand

The Italian luxury brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1980. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are made by hand and the knowledge has been passed on for several generations. Meanwhile Tod’s offers […]

Tod’s Videos: Bags, shoes and the new eyewear collection

The Italian fashion brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1983. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are handmade and the knowledge is passed on for several generations. You can learn more about the […]

Valentino Garavani Videos: Handbag, Fashion Show & Interview with Lady Gaga

Valentino – you probably know the bags and shoes. But Valentino also stands for high fashion and haute couture, like no other brand. This is especially clear in the luxurious perfumes of the brand, especially known is the Valentino Uomo Eau de Toilette. So that you can get to know the haute couture of the […]

Balenciaga Videos: Fashion shows, collections & gaming app

Balenciaga – Today especially the bags, shoes or sneakers by Balenciaga are popular, but the fashion brand once started with impressive haute couture looks. The label from Paris became so famous that it now even offers its women’s and men’s fashion in the KaDeWe in Berlin. Sale or not, today we especially love the perfumes, […]

Fendi: Interview with designers – Silvia Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld & Kim Jones

Fendi Designer Interviews – Fendi made a name for itself in the fashion world early on. Today the world-famous fashion brand is one of the most successful and popular labels in the industry and has taken a well-deserved place next to Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel or Gucci. Numerous collaborations with stars, an unmistakable logo, original […]

Dolce & Gabbana AW 21: Klara back on the runway in Milan! Fashion show + video

Dolce & Gabbana AW 21 fashion show – Spring is back! At least a little bit. The perfect time for one thing: new fashion! 2021 starts in Milan, among others, with the show of Dolce & Gabbana. This season with Klara! We are so proud of you! A fascinating show, futuristic with small robot on […]

Fashion Week Milan: Spring / Summer 2021 – The best shows & designers

Fashion Week Milan: Spring / Summer Fashion – Italy stands for fashion like no other country! Therefore there is no reason for Milan to skip the Fashion Week. This year everything was a little different, just like in summer. Almost all shows without an audience, from Armani, to Dior, to Hermès and Versace. Last year […]

Ralph Lauren – the great success of polo shirts, shirts and sweaters

Ralph Lauren – More than just a simple designer He has created what is known as the “American Dream”. As the son of immigrant refugees from Belarus who have simple professions, he has built an empire and a fortune of almost 6 billion US dollars. He became famous for his polo shirt collection and since […]

Fendi: Innovative bags, exclusive sunglasses & extravagant shirts – the biggest advertising campaigns & collaborations

With its progressive leather goods and original designs, Fendi has always been one of the most famous fashion labels of modern times. Karl Lagerfeld in particular revolutionised modern fur fashion with his Haute Fourrure. The brand’s advertising campaigns are just as original and extravagant as its annual collections. Here, of course, only the who-is-who of […]

Fashion brands XXL: Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermès, Prada, Versace & Co – List

Fashion brands – Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermès, Prada, Versace & Co are known as a brand to almost everyone. But what is actually behind them? These and many other brands have changed the history of fashion. Here you can find out which brands belong to the top fashion brands in the world. Sorted by A […]

Daniel Wellington – Watches combined from timeless elegance and casual NATO bracelets

Daniel Wellington – A man who, with the help of Instagram, has managed to maximize his advertising strategy to build an empire within 5 years Through a chance encounter with another backpacker, he was inspired to bring to market the revolutionary watch design that brought him this enormous wealth. His idea of attaching classic watch […]

Asics: Which Asics running shoes are the best?

asics, sport, running, shoe, men, ladies, campagne, fashion, sneaker, shoes, jogging, health ///TIP: first word in lowercase Asics is a world-renowned Japanese sports shoe brand that is especially popular among joggers and runners. The major company specializes in running shoes that make a short walk or during sports a great feeling on the foot with […]

Giorgio Armani – Watches, Perfume & Sportswear EA7

Giorgio Armani – A world-famous name behind which stands a man who has revolutionized the fashion world. He has taken elegance and classicism to a new level. Milan, the city of fashion, has become what it is today through his works. Starting with shop window decoration, soon half of Hollywood and numerous actors were dressed […]

Which pantsuit fits me? – The best cuts for a stylish appearance

They come in a wide variety of styles and no matter what your preference – pantsuits have always played an important role in fashion. In the end, when choosing the right outfit, it’s not only your taste that counts, but also the occasion. But most importantly, the men’s suit must be modern and fit your […]

Top Videos of Louis Vuitton – Craftsmanship, Innovation and Luxury

Louis Vuitton – A name that is not only known to fashion fans, it has stood for French luxury and craftsmanship for more than 160 years. Starting out as a suitcase manufacturer, the company has developed into one of the largest fashion groups in the world, fulfilling the dreams of many enthusiasts with its characteristic […]

Louis Vuitton – pure luxury! Bags, scarves & belts from Paris

Since 1854 Louis Vuitton has played an important role in the fashion world. His designs in the context of culture enrich the fashion universe with unique designs that have become indispensable. With the perfect blend of style and quality, innovation is combined. Even today, after many years, the creative impulse of the designer lives on. […]

Yves Saint Laurent – Bags, luxury boutiques and perfumes as a revolution

Yves Saint Laurent – bag, belt, shoes or beauty products such as perfume and lipstick, the name YSL stands for many exclusive and luxurious things. Yves Saint Laurent himself said: “I know that I have brought fashion forward and opened up a previously forbidden universe to women”. With this quote from designer Yves Saint Laurent, […]