GUESS Videos: Fashion shows, bags & Camila Cabello

GUESS – The bags of the American denim label GUESS are especially popular. Besides these and other accessories you can find other collections here. The label is especially known for its denim and jeans looks. You can buy them in the online stores. Many campaigns run under self-confidence and sensuality. You can see how this looks in detail here. In addition, stars such as singer Camila Cabello and Joe Jonas, member of the Jonas Brothers, and models such as Hailey Baldwin and Charlotte McKinney have appeared in front of the camera for spots. At the end, the founders sum up their story of the “Amercan Dream” for you.

Fashion shows: Summer & Winter for Ladies & Gents

As a denim label, the brand predominantly presents jeans looks. These are worn by both men and women. They are very much oriented towards urban style.

Winter: Collection for Ladies & Gents

The jeans in this winter collection are often paired with semi-formal wear pieces like ties and beaded necklaces. In addition, there are leather parts, studs and coarse-link chains. These are found on the jeans as well as on the other garments. The colours are predominantly black, white, grey and neutral blue.

Through the strong makeup and the toupeed hair of the women, as well as the partly torn clothes and leather accessories, the whole thing looks a bit rebellious and gives the whole thing a wild character. A special highlight of the show is also the striking denim dress. It reminds a bit of a wedding dress.

Summer: Collection for women & men

Compared to the previous collection, this one is much lighter. For the men it is dominated by lighter washed out denim and white shirts. The women are wearing multiple tighter fitting looks. Denim is not uncommon, but dresses in red or purple fabric are also shown off here. With cut-out styles and sheer fabrics, again you see a lot of skin.

In addition to casual looks, there is also an elegant touch here. Floral prints and stronger colours give the designs a summery look. This is of course also promoted by the many sunglasses – an indispensable accessory.

Through the diversity of styles and colors, there is a wide selection in this collection. So there is something for every taste.

Commercials: Summer Campaign, Accessories & Fall Fashion

Similar to the catwalk fashion, denim fabrics also reign in the other collections. Combined with these, picturesque landscapes in the spots almost convey a dreamy character.

Summer campaign on Route ’81

The theme of this spot is the summer feeling of a road trip in the USA. Therefore we see some young people filming in front of different backdrops, like a motel, over car to the classic diner. The picturesque background is the Mojave Desert in the USA. The warm colors and impressions convey a sunny feeling.

Predominantly the presented clothing consists of colorful prints, partly with floral patterns. These are combined with the typical blue denim. Occasionally you can also find lace and leather. The clothing is staged for both men and women with the retro American Dream concept.

Accessories: Bags, Sunglasses & Co

Whether in a luxurious hotel room, by the pool or in front of a classic car, GUESS accessories are the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Confident, sexy and cool, the female models present various handbags, sunglasses and more.

Fall fashion: hot desert dream

For this fall fashion campaign there is a lot of denim, bare skin and shades of yellow, red and pink. The background is again a desert, which adds warm colors and a golden tone. Dust and slowed down shots give the spot something sometimes very epic, like in an action movie. The models exude confidence and sensuality above all.

VIPS: Hailey Baldwin, Camila Cabello & Joe Jonas

As a big American brand, GUESS also has many collaborations with top stars. Here you can watch videos of model Hailey Baldwin and singers like Camila Cabello and Joe Jonas.

Hailey Baldwin: Spring Campaign

The famous model Hailey Baldwin stood for a spring campaign. Together with other models, the current wife of singer Justin Bieber poses in front of the sea, pool or in an urban setting. This combines luxury – the pool -, naturalness – the sea – and everyday life – various urban settings. Because they link this to their brand in the video, this message resonates with the customer.

Camila Cabello: Campaign & Interview

For the Mexican singer, the brand stands for attractiveness, endlessness and comfort. In the interview, Camila reveals her motto that you should stay as you are. She believes that being in front of the camera is more than just posing. It includes having fun, laughing and emotions. The image that is created should be real so that people take it seriously. She does the same with her music.

Joe Jonas & Charlotte McKinney: Lingerie

You may be familiar with the Jonas Brothers band. One of them, Joe Jonas, has modelled with influencer and model Charlotte McKinney for the label’s underwear. This one is particularly famous due to lettering of the brand name on the waistband. With close-ups and dim lighting, the two present the underwear collection. Again: Sexy and self-confident!

Interview with founders Paul & Maurice Marciano

In this short documentary of the brand you will learn everything worth knowing about the development. The two founding brothers talk about the rise of their label, backgrounds and their lives. They explain their revolution to skinny jeans with zippers at the end. This brought the Moroccan-born Frenchmen their “American Dream”.

This states that through the great opportunities of the economic giant of the USA , you can go from rags to riches. This is picked up again in their marketing strategy, which combines typical American elements, such as Hollywood glamour, with simple denim.

About the brand: history, trends & more

The US fashion brand Guess starts with famous jeans, but now especially the bags, T-shirts, backpacks, belts, earring and dresses are popular. Whether in the online shop or in the store, they round off every outfit perfectly. The brand is also worn by the stars and so you can find the collobarations of music icons like J Balvin or ASAP Rocky. Supermodels such as Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima, Paris Hilton, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Naomi Campbell have also appeared in front of the camera in the unique advertising images. You can check out the success story, as well as all of the label’s key pieces and more here!

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