Top Gucci Videos: Between Revolutionary Eccentricity & High Fashion

Gucci – Whether in rap songs or on celebrities, Gucci is present and everyone knows the name. The typical designs and especially the well-known GG logo quickly come to mind. Whether sneakers, belts, sunglasses or perfume – Gucci has long arrived in the mainstream. Under the leadership of chief designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci nowadays reaches a whole new and especially young target group and even stars, such as Harry Styles or Jared Leto are on the one hand idols, but also lovers and advertising face of the brand. In addition, the brand can be seen among influencers on Instagram or YouTube and is now one of the favorite brands of the social media generation.

History and legacy of the fashion group

The Italian Guccio Gucci opened his company in 1921 in Florence, Italy. But at that time there were already some problems after the leather imports stopped during the second world war. But Gucci made the best of it and created the Bamboo It bag, which is still successful today. In the 1950s Gucci’s son Aldo took over the company after Gucci’s death and helped the brand to international fame with the first store in the USA and stars like Grace Kelly as a customer.

Aldo Gucci brought his illegitimate daughter Patricia, which incidentally was a huge scandal in Italian society at the time, onto the company’s board of directors when she was just 20. She was the beautiful companion at her father’s side on business trips and was dubbed the “Gucci Girl” after she modeled in a swimsuit for one of the company’s advertising campaigns. Then in the 1980s, Aldo Gucci was arrested for tax evasion at the age of 81 – shortly after he died at the age of 90 and before that disinherited all his sons. In addition, the company deteriorated since the 1980s, after one of the sons, Maurizio Gucci sold the company gradually to a US Arab company. In 1995, his ex-wife had him killed and was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Since 2004, Gucci has been fully owned by the French luxury group Kering and since then, with designers such as Tom Ford, Frida Giannini and now Alessandro Michele, has experienced a real boom and complete transformation, so that today the company is considered the strongest of the group and one of the most important fashion companies in the world.

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Fascination and uniqueness at the fashion shows

The fashion shows of the Italian luxury brand Gucci are anything but boring – they are elaborate and unique. Especially since the Italian Alessandro Michele is the head designer of the company, Gucci fascinates with every fashion show and collection anew. Whether it’s a shocking hospital atmosphere, a mysterious outdoor location with fire elements or a transparent “carousel”, Michele never seems to run out of inventiveness and crazy ideas.

“Mental health is not fashion” – Controversial Fashion Show

No fashion show in recent years has been as controversial and sparked as much attention as the Spring Summer 2020 show. Not only the show itself, which was under the artistic direction of extroverted designer Alessandro Michele, but especially the eye-catching collection was the talk of the fashion world.

At the beginning of the show, the models pass the audience motionless, wearing white clothes from head to toe, reminiscent of forced clothing from mental hospitals. One of the models made a silent protest by writing “Mental health is not fashion” on her hands and holding them up on the catwalk – of course this caused a huge stir. Also otherwise the show was by very special outfits a special eye-catcher…

Mysterious fashion show at Roman cemetery

The Gucci Cruise Show 2019 inspired with mystical atmosphere and creepy location, as well as a collection of gothic and disco elements. In the middle of the Roman cemetery of Arles, the fashion house presented its collection – artificial fog, thousands of candles and a choir singing medieval music made this show a real experience. The catwalk was set on fire and the models floated past the audience in their extraordinary creations. The audience was fascinated and enthusiastic and also the fashion world reported in high tones about the fashion show of Gucci.

Intimate insight into the backstage of a fashion show

After the fashion house’s particularly eye-catching show for the Spring Summer 2020 collection, expectations were naturally particularly high for Alessandro Michele’s next show. The guests gathered in a huge location, a transparent carousel stood in the middle and with the beginning of the show the view into its interior was revealed. Choreographers, stylists, dressing assistants and models could be seen between bathrobe and finished runway look.

The viewers were part of the entire backstage procedure before the fashion show, which is always the most nerve-wracking part of the fashion shows for the designer. Michele’s intention was to let the viewers participate live, as is usual in times of social media. By the way, the invitations for the show were also sent in a special way – Michele sent them via WhatsApp to the guests, as they are also personally part of an otherwise invisible and rather intimate moment in the show.

Gucci Campaigns: Lana del Rey, Gucci Mane & Jared Leto

If you were to give out an award for the coolest campaigns, Gucci would certainly be way out in front. The Italian luxury house collaborates with Christopher Simmonds to produce real short films that make you want to watch Gucci. Whether it’s the Gucci Cruise 2020 campaign with Gucci Mane, the Gucci Guilty campaign with Lany Del Rey and Jared Leto or the Gucci Psychodelic campaign, all of these feel the attitude towards life and the associated joie de vivre that the company wants to spread with its fashion.

Excessive house party with Sienna Miller or Gucci Mane

This Gucci campaign for the Cruise 2020 collection is truly legendary and makes you want to shop at Gucci. The video features celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Iggy Pop, Benedetta Barzini and Gucci Mane at an uninhibited house party in a Los Angeles villa. All the guests are debauched and eccentric personalities and embody a hedonistic, carefree party life.

All walks of life, from the chic to the rich businessman to the famous rapper, can be seen wearing Gucci gear and letting it rip in all corners of the house. The campaign embodies an infectious love of life that Gucci wants to convey to its customers.

60s Glamour with Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto

The campaign for the Gucci Guilty fragrance sees singer Lana Del Rey and musician Jared Leto as an American “model couple” in iconic Hollywood locations. The whole thing takes place in a retro perspective, presumably inspired by the 60s and the American Dream. Both dressed completely in Gucci make a truly beautiful couple and make the viewer reminisce about old Hollywood glamour. Retro music plays in the background, which makes this campaign a really successful and worth seeing promotional video.

70s Nightclub: Shrill and Colorful Psychedelic Campaign

The psychedelic campaign for a capsule collection of the Italian luxury brand takes the viewer into a colorful nightclub of the 70s with a boisterous and trance-like mood. Just as striking as the colorful light reflections and disco balls in the video is, above all, the collection presented, which features a colorful reinterpretation of the well-known Gucci logo. This campaign also reflects the fashion house’s cool attitude to life in an exciting way and appeals to a primarily young target group.

Authenticity and glamour through Harry Style and Lana Del Rey

Gucci is a brand that wants to awaken an attitude towards life and emotion in people with its campaigns and fashion. To get these messages across, the Italian fashion house naturally chooses special people to be part of the campaigns. The label attaches great importance to authenticity, which they have achieved with prominent examples such as Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey.

Teen darling Harry Styles in latest campaign

The ex-One Direction star and now successful musician in his own right is a Gucci lover and can be seen in countless campaigns as well as in the gowns of the luxury house – for example, the Brit fascinated at the last Met Gala in New York in a very androgynous piece by Gucci. In the following campaign, the 26-year-old is seen as a down-to-earth young man strolling through an English suburb with a chicken in his hand and visiting a fish-and-chips shop. As unassuming as this campaign is, with Harry Style as the model, it was still a huge success and attracted many young fans to Gucci in particular.

Pig Collection With Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson

Last year Gucci presented a very special collection, which was characterized by the fact that all clothes, bags and accessories were provided with cute pig emblems. Funnily enough, these are really trendy and especially popular as pets. The collection was a real success and triggered a real buying frenzy, especially among beauty mogul and Youtuber Jeffree Star.

The multi-millionaire bought out the entire $15,000 collection, surprising his good Youtube friend Shane Dawson, whose trademark is, fittingly, a pig. Unfortunately, Gucci did not produce a campaign film for the collection, but Jeffree Star’s VLOG gives you a very interesting and entertaining look at the pieces in the collection.

Lana Del Rey for 60s campaign for Gucci Guilty

Musician and songwriter Lana Del Rey represents natural beauty and embodies a special and often sentimental retro era with her music and unique looks. In the campaign for the perfume Guilty, the American plays together with singer Jared Leto an American glamour couple in the 60s in Hollywood. With her unique style and looks, the singer is the perfect casting for this role and created a great campaign with Gucci. Gucci gives a little insight “BTS” of the campaign in the following video.

Exceptional, successful collaborations

The ingenuity and creative ideas of the head designer Alessandro Michele is great and so the Italian is especially known for his eccentric designs and unusual collaborations. The success and hype of the collections speaks for itself every time and so the Gucci Ghost, the Yankees, and this year’s Disney collections of recent years.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse on Italian luxury fashion

On the occasion of Chinese New Year and this year’s Year of the Mouse, the luxury group collaborated with none other than Disney and released a limited edition in mouse design. The focus is on the Disney cult figure Mickey Mouse, which can be seen on numerous pieces such as clothing, bags and even slippers.

Matching the collection, the luxury company produced a promotional video at Disneyland, specifically targeting the Chinese New Year. The collection brought a great success and to large parts sold out in a short time. In addition to the meaning behind the mouse design, these naturally aroused a real childhood feeling in many customers.

Ex-snowboarder Trevor Andrew is the Gucci ghost

The collaboration with the famous Gucci Ghost was created in 2016 and triggered a huge hype especially on the platform Instagram. Behind the Gucci Ghost design is former professional snowboarder Trevor Andrew, who a few years ago, desperate to find a suitable Halloween costume, threw on an old Gucci bed sheet, cut out the eye area and has since been affectionately called Gucci Ghost by his friends. With his new nickname, the American started out as a graffiti artist in New York, where he quickly built up a large following with his artwork on Instagram.

Alessandro Michele, the head designer of Gucci was also a fan and got to know the “Gucci Ghost” through mutual friends. Thereupon the joint idea of the special collection was born, which was launched in 2016. In the following video you can watch the exciting collection in the New York showroom with special 360 degree function.

Collaboration of baseball caps and Italian luxury fashion

The Major League Baseball (MLB) is the biggest baseball league in the world and the famous Yankee caps with NY logo are virtually the trademark. The caps have always been in fashion and almost everyone has had one. Even the creative head behind Gucci Alessandro Michele likes to wear his NY cap in combination with Gucci. That’s why he came up with the idea of collaborating with the American baseball league and designing a complete collection in Yankees design.

Caps, clothing or accessories and shoes were created, which was a clever and at the same time successful move of the Italian, because the collection experienced a great hype and an even greater demand.

Gucci Interviews – More about the luxury label

If you want to learn even more information about the luxury label, you can watch one of the interviews.

“Make the crazy beautiful”: chief designer Michele’s motto.

Alessandro Michele has been the head designer at Gucci since 2015 and transformed the traditional house with his eccentric designs – above all, the Italian attracted a young, affluent target group to the company. That the collections sometimes even shock at first is part of the marketing strategy. As in an interview published by Gucci titled “Make the strange beautiful” Michele somehow always makes the clothes seem beautiful and wearable. The video is super interesting and gives a great insight into Alessandro Michele’s work.

Alessandro Michele’s attitude towards work and visions

Once again, an interview with Gucci’s head designer Alessandro Michele, who has been working for the house since 2015. This time accompanied by the New York Times, the Italian gives insight into his private office, tells what he needs to be able to work creatively and his vision at Gucci. Many designers, especially big names of famous luxury houses are camera shy, or simply do not want to be shown so privately, but Michele lets people have a part despite his modesty, also to understand his work more.

Hip-Hop legend Dapper Dan in his Gucci atelier

Dapper Dan is a true icon – he’s a hip-hop cult designer best known for introducing high fashion to the hip-hop world. In addition, the 75-year-old is a self-confessed Gucci lover. So it was clear to Alessandro Michele that he had to do a collection with the New Yorker. The result are absolute collector’s items in New York retro look, which often have a history and are already cult. In the following video, the online magazine Hypebeast takes you to Dapper Dean’s luxurious and multi-million Gucci studio in New York’s Harlem district.

Questions and answers: This is important!

With a brand as exciting and legendary as Gucci, there are naturally many questions. You can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Who is the founder of Gucci?

The founder of Gucci was the Italian entrepreneur Guccio Gucci.

When was Gucci invented?

The Gucci brand was invented in Florence, Italy in 1921.

In which country is Gucci made?

Gucci manufactures its products in the city of Prato in Tuscany, Italy.

What’s the name of the designer of Gucci?

The chief designer of the Gucci brand is the Italian Alessandro Michele.

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