Jacquemus Videos: Paris Fashion Week, Fashion Collection, Swarovski & Interview

Jacquemus Videos – Simon Porte Jaquemus, the designer of the eponymous and successful fashion label is a true fashion poet. The much celebrated designer gets inspiration from his beloved home country France. Here you’ll find the Summer & Winter collection, an exciting short film of one of the designer’s collections, a collaboration with mega fashion brand Swarovski and most recently an interview by Self Service Magazine.

Summer & Winter Collections

Jacquemus designs wearable fashion at affordable prices, for a cosmopolitan generation with a penchant for extravagance. The brand stands for a minimalist style, which is reflected in the new collections. In the following videos, the new spring/summer and fall/winter collections.

Fall/Winter: Paris Fashion Week

With the Fall/Winter collection under the name “L’ANNÉE 97” Jacquemus wants to return to his pure and minimalist style. For this he emphasizes with bright colors and simple patterns, his attitude to fashion. His collection should be wearable and not exclusively made for the runway.

Summer: fashion show in Valensole

The spring/summer collection “Le coup de soleil” for women and men, Jacquemus presents in the middle of a lavender field. This harmonizes very well with the collection, which consists of many transparent and light fabrics in bright colors. The designer relies on simple designs and typical for him surprises in his unusual style.

Short film: spring / summer collection

“La Bomba” – this is the name of the collection film, for the spring/summer collection of Jacquemus. Big straw hats, net dresses and knotted shirts that make you dream of warm summer days on the French Riviera. The almost 2-minute short film, shot by filmmaker Gordon von Schneider, reflects the pure summer feeling. Also through models dancing through a sunny day in Jacquemus’ elegant designs.

Collaboration with Swarovski: Summer & Glitter

Jacquemus has chosen Swarovski for a special collaboration this season. The summery fresh collection was unveiled on a catwalk surrounded by countless lavender flowers. Romantically, the low sun bathed the garments in warm light. This is particularly noticeable in the fancy embellishments. Among them, for example, is a fisherman’s hat with a glittering crystal drawstring or a patchwork dress with Swarovski crystals.

Interview: Dancing, Passion & Co.

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is interviewed in the back seat of a car by Self Service magazine before the upcoming fashion show. He talks about his attitude to the fashion show – “keep it positive” – in German: bleiben positiv! To do this, it is important for him to always keep the smile. The designer also reveals that his great passion at fashion shows is dancing.

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