Paul Smith Videos: Fashion show, advertising campaigns and the signature pattern

Paul Smith – A British fashion brand based in Nottingham, founded in the 70s. The designer of the same name is considered the most successful designer in the UK. Behind the products for men and women are 50 years of design know-how. The brand is best known for its men’s collections, which he has presented at fashion shows since 1977, but bright colors and floral patterns are also part of the trademark. Find out more about Paul Smith’s beginnings in the fashion world and what all goes on behind the scenes here. All about the brand: Paul Smith.

Sir Paul Smith: The Designer

It is also often called Mr. Stripes because it elegantly combines a classic shape with wild patterns and color combinations like no other.

His entry into the fashion world

Sir Paul Smith answers all the questions surrounding his entry into the fashion world in an interview with In Fashion.

Paul Smith in Paris

In 1977 Paul Smith presented his men’s collection for the first time at the Paris Fashion Week. Since then, of course, the brand can not miss in Paris.

Mens fashion spring and summer in Paris

In this collection Paul Smith has worked a lot with silk shirts and photo prints. The photo prints have always been a success, but for this collection used photographs of vacation landscapes that the designer and his father took.

Behind the scenes

There’s always a lot going on backstage. Take a look here at what’s happening behind the scenes.

Campaigns: An autumn full of optimism

The fall and winter collection 2022 is influenced by nostalgia, optimism and fun. Here you get an idea of what’s trending this fall and winter.

Paul Smith: Signature pattern

One of the trademarks of the brand is a pattern of colorful and narrow lines in 14 different colors.