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Gucci is one of the top brands of our time. Gucci is mentioned in the same breath as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent. The multi-million dollar fashion company regularly turns the fashion world upside down. Whether it’s revolutionary designs, or social media trends, Gucci wows every season and is the absolute favorite brand of many bloggers, fashion influencers and models, even with fashion shows and commercials. Here you will find everything about the origin of the brand, trends and revolutionary designs fascinate fashion enthusiasts.

Gucci, brand and history

The history of the Gucci brand dates back to 1921. The brand was founded by Guccio Gucci and first made a name for itself with its exquisite leather goods and luxurious handbags. As Guccio Gucci was a master saddler, his designs were often inspired by equestrian sports. The brand did not gain much popularity until after 1953. The clothing line was not introduced until 1970. Shortly after, Gucci fragrances were also released. In the 1980s, the brand suffered a serious setback due to internal disagreements in the founding family. Since 2004 Gucci belongs to the luxury goods group Kering.

Alessandro Michele, new designer younger target group

In the 1990s, Gucci once again became a highly sought-after luxury label under the creative hand of designer Tom Ford. His creations have shaped the sensual and elegant character of the brand to this day. Tom Ford conquered the fashion world with daring cuts and dandy-style designs. With his successor, Alessandro Michele, Gucci underwent an absolute image change. The designs became more androgynous and shriller. Intense colors and eccentric patterns became part of the new collections. The designer won the “International Fashion Designer of the Year” award in 2015 with his creations. Youthfulness, cheerfulness and light-heartedness were also conveyed in Gucci’s advertising campaigns. In 2016, the label was dubbed the most sought-after fashion brand in the world by the press.

Gucci supports women’s rights with new collection

With the Resort collection, creative director Michele shows his support for women’s rights. The T-shirts are printed with the words “My Body My Choice”. Another part of the collection is a dress on which the female reproductive system is embroidered and decorated with flowers. In some designs, the date “May 22, 1978” was also shown. On that day, the Italian law on maternity protection came into force. A crucial date for the liberalization of women.

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Gucci with the most expensive belt in the fashion industry

Gucci has been the trend-setting brand again for some time now. How popular the brand is shows especially on social media. Instagram and fashion blogs are full of photos of the Gucci belt. No wonder! The simple leather belt with the double GG buckle gives every outfit, no matter how boring, the right dose of glamour. The belt is available in a variety of models, whether in soft or crocodile leather, with a width of 4 centimeters, or 2.5 centimeters or with an inverted G, Gucci offers the most diverse belt models.

However, the classic black Gucci belt is timeless. The it-piece can be styled both as a waist belt and as usual around the hips. It goes with almost any outfit and can be combined with just about anything. For example, the look looks great with a pair of mom jeans and a simple shirt or white T-shirt. If you like it more elegant, you can style the belt with a blazer or a chic jacket, a simple shirt and Voilà, the look is ready. The accessory goes with every outfit and subtly enhances every style. The model in the classic design costs just under 900 euros.


Gucci Belt for Him

What is the best combination?

As a man, the accessory selection is often not easy, the options are usually rather limited. Especially when it comes to professional life, it is difficult to set the right accents and live out your own style. With a timeless belt classic in black, one (s) can not do much wrong. A wristwatch, cufflinks, a pocketkerchief and a belt are just a few of the accessories with which a man can enhance his outfit. Why not go straight for a model from Gucci? The belt trend has become an indispensable part of the waistband of today’s fashion-conscious man. The accessory offers numerous combination options, whether casual with jeans, or to the business look.

So why is the Gucci belt and brand so hyped? We got to the bottom of the reasons for the growing popularity of the it-piece on social media. Here you’ll find them succinctly summarized!

  • In 2017, 55% of customers were younger than 35 years old
  • Creative Director Alessandro Michele has a sense of what appeals to the youth.
  • The bright, versatile colors and patterns of the designs are appealing on Instagram, eye-catching and worn by all bloggers
  • Gucci’s designs are more unorthodox than traditional luxury brands. Something that millennials – who rely on experimentation in self-expression – appreciate.

Gucci sneaker with sparkling stones

Thanks to creative minds like Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele, Gucci has regularly gone out on a limb with its designs and styles and taken a chance. The brand has often caused a stir with its outlandish creations. For shoe fans of the label, I’m shifting the focus down a notch. Shoes are not excluded. With the daring designs you draw all eyes on you and is certainly not overlooked.

An example of a currently super popular shoe model of the brand is the Flashtrek Gucci sneaker. With this design the label has interpreted the Ugly Sneaker trend for itself. Chunky shoe models with eye-catching decorations immediately catch the eye and are a real eye-catcher.

The new shoe trends are thick platform soles and high heels. So walking will be a little more difficult for Gucci lovers in the future! However, the absolute hit of the last few years was the loafer model. This has been reinterpreted by designer Michele this season. So the trend is moving away from classic designs and towards flashy colors, stones, glitter and thick soles. The designer has created a rebel of the classic Gucci shoe. The new creation is much rockier and can no longer be compared to the classic model! Shoes with integrated socks also enjoy special popularity among customers from all over the world. Extravagance is therefore guaranteed, but whether the hype will last permanently on the feet of fans is still questionable.

Must-have sneakers for men

White sneakers have become the newest mainstay in every shoe closet. For both women and men, these all-rounders are a must-have! From casual street wear, to pairing with a business suit, the combination of white sneakers has become more prevalent. “Stan Smiths”, “Common Projects” and “Lanvin” have all caught their attention with a white sneaker. However, the “Gucci-Ace-Bee” sneaker is the one you will see on people’s feet everywhere. The iconic red and green label with the glittery bee is right in the middle, making it an instant eye-catcher.

What would the Gucci sneaker without his signature colors red and green. The shoe comes of course like all Gucci products in an elegant packaging. In a white Gucci silk bag packed with brochure and paper towel. Sure he jumps in the eye of the beholder and is not a boring shoe model, but you can combine him super easy and also in summer and autumn comfortably walk through the city. So the modern man of today definitely needs one of the coveted copies of Gucci!

Gucci Accessories

The long runner among Gucci accessories is, as already mentioned above, the classic Gucci belt. But the luxury brand offers many more options to enhance the outfit. Whether it’s sunglasses, jewelry, scarf, scarf, watches, bags or wallets, unconditional lovers of the brand have countless options to get one of the coveted pieces. One of these options is, of course, a model from the luxury label’s sunglasses collection!

Gucci ‘L’Aveugle Par Amour

Eccentric looks are the essence of any Gucci style. This season too, Gucci has exceeded expectations solely with their creativity. Beautifully and strikingly decorated sunglasses have been the hallmark of the hyped brand’s new collections. The Italian luxury label has made a name for itself in the world with its outlandish and flashy designs, and that is reflected in the brand’s eyewear collection. Each model is a work of art in itself! A popular model that picks up the extravagance of the brand is the “Gucci GG0113S model”. In these glasses, the famous artist Bad Bunny was often spotted, undoubtedly an absolute eye-catcher. Combined with a floral suit, the style is already too much of a good thing for some, but not for him! The Gucci glasses themselves have exactly the something that is necessary to make every outfit look more rebellious and youthful, so also for the older trendsetters among us top suitable!

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Gucci perfume

In this year’s Gucci campaign for the perfume “Forever Guilty”, the luxury label draws on celebrities such as songwriter Lana Del Rey and actor and singer Jared Leto!

Gucci Sale in store: shop online

The number of young buyers at Gucci is further proof that the popularity of the brand is growing among today’s youth. That the combination young and expensive can not work quite so well, is actually obvious. Just students, or people who are trying to get a foothold in the working world usually do not have the necessary money to dress with the luxury brand, or to decorate with their accessories. One way to still be able to afford the products and get a good deal on the purchase is through outlets. One large outlet is located in England, in Bicester Village. So if you want to make great bargains, you should consider visiting the outlet on your next holiday to England.

Of course, for those of you who think England is a bit too far away, we still have an option near you! In Roermond, Holland there is also an outlet where Gucci goods are sold at affordable prices. Besides Gucci, you can also find other luxury brands such as Prada, Nike, etc. here.

Gucci Shop: Novelties and bargains

Those who want to feel the full Gucci shopping experience can visit the Gucci boutiques in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Metzingen. For those who prefer to stay at home on the couch and shop from there, the online shop is a good option. Here you can find everything from Gucci children’s clothing, belts to complete outfits for him or her, everything a Gucci lover’s heart desires.

Gucci commercials and campaigns

In honor of the Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar, Gucci has shot a web spot featuring Harry Styles. In the current campaign, singer Harry Styles is in front of the camera sharing his brush with a pig, if that doesn’t make the viewer smile!

11 facts about Gucci you probably don’t know

Here are a few more things about Gucci that you probably didn’t know. What the company has to do with Unicef and how it came to the innovative Bamboo Bag – you’ll find the answers here! Take a look and learn more about the internationally hyped brand.

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