Perfume: Rules, Top Perfumes & Dupes

Perfume – A well-groomed appearance includes, among other things, the smell of a man: with the right scent, we perceive our counterpart more pleasantly. The smell of a man has a not to be underestimated influence on how we perceive him and whether we find him likeable. It is not for nothing that there is the expression “to be able to smell someone well”.

To emphasize the own appearance, there are many men’s fragrances that smell very individual and give the man the distinctive aura that he wants. Whether light or intense, woody or tart, fresh or heavy – every perfume has its own character.

In the following videos, we present 6 rules for applying perfume, as well as the 10 best men’s perfumes and affordable alternatives. Back to men’s grooming and back to the big beauty guide.

6 rules: Apply perfume

Many men do not really know how to apply perfume, or what you should avoid at all costs. In this video we show you 6 things you should keep in mind when applying perfume. Here are 3 rules from the video summarized:

  • Do not spray directly onto clothing
  • Never rub perfume
  • Less is more

Top 10 Perfumes for Men

The best men’s perfumes that are guaranteed to get you noticed in the office, on a date or in everyday life as anything but stinky.

  • La Nuit de l’homme
  • Creed Aventus
  • Doir Sauvage
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Ultramale
  • Chanel Allure Sport Extreme

Best Price Men Fragrances

Fabulous fragrances for men enhance the image of any man. Yet they are very expensive. In this video we introduce you to affordable perfumes, as an alternative for the smaller purse and to the high-end perfumes.

Care tips: Body care and more

More grooming tips for men! Find out more about men’s grooming here. You can find body care tips here.

Body care: routine & attractive appearance

We all know that the skin on our body needs just as much attention as the skin on our face! Regular washing or showering is part of life, we learn that at an early age. Also, body care for men is also directly related to health. If you don’t clean your skin regularly, irritations, impurities, inflammations and, in the worst case, even skin diseases have free play. To care for your body as a man regularly, you do not have to do the big program every day.

Gua Sha: Rose Quartz & Jawline

You have puffy eyes? Or wish you a defined Jawline? Then this is exactly a case for gua sha tools. The Chinese beauty tool, which translates to “scraping,” increases circulation, tightens the skin and drains the lymphatic system. Massaging with the gua sha stone also hits acupuncture points, helping to relieve tension in the face. Be ready for a healthy complexion on your face. Romee Strijd shows you how. Read more about skin care here.

Beauty Tools: Gua Sha, Derma Roller and more

You haven’t heard of Dyson’s Beauty Tools, the Gua Scha or the Dermo Roller? With Beauty Tools you can spice up your jawline, fight ble mishes and style your hair perfectly. Still looking for a gift for your girlfriend, mom or sister? Beauty tools are always popular. Check out the most popular beauty tools for yourself or get one for your loved one. More beauty tools, here.

Men’s care: facial care, beard and more

Here you come back to the men’s care overview.