Men’s grooming tips: Facial care, beard care, hair care and more

Men’s care – Men should also care for themselves regularly and do something good for their own body. From facial care, how you should properly care for your face, about the perfect beard care, hair and body care you will find in the men’s care guide everything a man needs. The right fragrance for men is also an important aspect in terms of appearance. We give you only grooming tips that you really need, without keeping you long. Here are the most important care tips in a nutshell for you!

Facial Care: Daily Care, Routine & Tips

Men need a daily beauty routine too! Quickly some water in the face and ready? No way! If you’re going to go to the trouble, it’s best to use a facial cleanser that also thoroughly cleanses your pores. Also, you can’t use just any cleanser on your face because your skin is sensitive. If clear skin is important to you, also make sure not to set the water too hot – this dries out the skin. Moisturiser, aftershave lotion or exfoliator: here are some helpful videos for men to care for and protect their skin according to their individual needs.

Beard Care: Beginner Tips, Routine & Beard Waxing

The man of the world wears beard today: Whether cool three-day beard or casual full beard, beards are now more than a fashion trend. However, there is one prerequisite: The beard should be well coiffed and groomed. There are the right beard care products. With a beard care adapted to your hair structure and beard style, you wash, care for and style your beard carefully.

Hair care: tips, routine & healthy hair

The man’s haircut is the woman’s mak-up. The hair of a man makes the type and must therefore sit. There are few ways to define your own style and character as specifically as with a casual hairstyle. After all, a new haircut is often the first step when you feel like a change. To ensure that you enjoy your haircut for a long time, the right care is the be-all and end-all. Because the older you get, the more care your hair needs. If you still want to inspire in ten, twenty or thirty years with your full head of hair, then you should not neglect your hair care from now on.

Body care: routine, tips & attractive appearance

We all know that the skin on our body needs just as much attention as the skin on our face! Regular washing or showering is part of life, we learn that at an early age. Also, body care for men is also directly related to health. If you don’t clean your skin regularly, irritations, impurities, inflammations and, in the worst case, even skin diseases have free play. To care for your body as a man regularly, you do not have to do the big program every day.

Perfume: Rules, Top Perfumes & Dupes

A well-groomed appearance includes, among other things, the smell of a man: with the right scent we perceive our counterpart more pleasant. The smell of a man has a not to be underestimated influence on how we perceive him and whether we find him likeable. It is not for nothing that there is the saying “to be able to smell someone well”. In order to emphasize one’s own appearance, there are many men’s fragrances that smell very individual and give the man the distinctive aura he desires. Whether light or intense, woody or tart, fresh or heavy – every perfume has its own character.

More Beauty Tips! CM Beauty Guide

In addition to the care basics, you should pay attention as a men model even more specific to your individual body parts. Like hair care, skin care, facial care, nail care, hand care, foot care, abdominal care and leg care. The complete beauty package involves a lot of grooming. We make it easy for you with our care guide and summarize for you all the important info about beauty in a nutshell. With these special tips, you’re guaranteed to revolutionize your appearance. And: Beauty tools can make your care easier!

Beauty Tools: Gua Sha, Derma Roller and more

We love beauty tools! Why? They’re so versatile and useful for your skincare routine. Beauty tools can help you fight blemishes, revolutionize your hair styling, and even reshape your face shape. You’ve always wanted a macier jawline, the Gua Sha can do more than just massage your face. We introduce you to today’s trendiest beauty tools that really make sense and should find a place in your home.

XXL Beauty Guide: Skincare Products: Tom Ford & Gucci

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