Nail care: tips, nails, mistakes, designs, foils & routine

Nail care – You have once again extremely stressed your hands over the everyday life, your nails are broken, torn, the nail polish has once again gone off in places, then your nails need urgently once again a minute of care. Nail care for long, short, natural or extravagant nails, as well as general nail care tips, nail design inspiration, nail foils and more can be found here. Common nail care mistakes are also explained so you don’t have to complain about flaking nail polish or the like.

Nail Care Tips: Routine, Tips & Common Mistakes

Well-groomed nails are clearly a must! Here you’ll find helpful tips and you’ll even be presented with a nail routine to inspire you.

Long nails: everyday tips & DIY serum

Your nails just won’t grow any further? Don’t worry, in this article we’ll show you a simple DIY serum to do and other tips to finally make your nails long again.

Mistakes painting nails: Tips, Tricks & DOs and DON`Ts

The nail polish is dull, does not last long or forms bubbles? There are many reasons why the polish on the nails does not come to the fore as you would hope. In this video you will learn helpful tips & tricks, as well as DOs & DON`Ts when painting to finally have beautifully painted fingernails.

Nail designs: pastel shades, wave shapes & autumn designs

All women know that not only the outfit can be trendy. Especially models can spice up the outfit with a beautiful manicure, or even make the absolute eye-catcher. Get inspired for your next manicure!

Nail foils: Holo effect & designer foils

Quick, easy & long lasting? Those who want to visually spice up their natural nails have several options to decorate their fingernails. In addition to nail polish and gel nails, nail foils have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Nail foil is easy to use and lets the nails shine in all imaginable colors and patterns. Here you can find videos about different nail foil trends. Try it out!

More Beauty Tips! CM Beauty Guide

Besides the nail care you have to pay attention to other body parts as a model. Hair care, facial care, skin care, hand care and foot care should not be neglected either. You should also take care of your belly and your legs. The complete beauty package involves a lot of grooming. We make it easy for you with our care guide and summarize all the important information about beauty in a nutshell.

Leg Care: Tips, Shaving, Epilating, Waxing & Lasering

Summer is finally back or you have a special evening ahead of you and want to finally show off your legs again today? You try on your dress or fancy outfit in a skirt and realize your legs are in desperate need of a grooming session. But stop, don’t let that stop you! We’ll give you quick helpful tips on how to show off enviable legs in no time with the right care. Here you will find everything about general leg care, leg shaving, epilating, waxing and sugaring, leg lasering, strawberry legs and more.

XXL Beauty Guide: Hair care, facial care and more

Tips and tricks for care from head to toe! Here you can find our XXL care guide.