Hand Care: Home Remedies, Products, Rough Hands, Tips & Routine

Hand care – Most people pay little attention to hand care. But why? After all, we use our hands all the time and all day long. You haven’t incorporated a hand care routine into your daily routine yet, suffer from rough hands, need tips for the right hand care at home, on the go or the right products for your sensitive skin? We give you all the important hand care tips along the way.

Hand care tips: Protect skin, skin care & beautiful nails

Learn quickly in two videos how to take care of your hands as a hand model. How do you protect your hands from everyday life and what do you need to do to get your hands in their best shape? Quick and effective hand care tips for you.

Tips against rough hands: creams, products & soft hands

Rough hands – SOS rough hands! Need a quick fix for rough hands because you have an audition or hand modeling job coming up? Here’s how to quickly save your hands and your day.

Hand care routine: healthy hands, soft skin & affordable products

As a hand model, need tips on how to incorporate your own hand care routine into your stressful day and want to have beautiful, healthy and soft hands? Learn how to achieve this goal in just two short videos.

Hand care house products: natural care, soft hands & aloe vera

Natural home remedies like food are great for skin and hand care. Milk, honey, bananas and lemons have all the ingredients you need to get baby soft hands.

Hand Care Products: SPF, Retinol, Anti-Aging & 24 Hour Moisture

Your drawer of hand care products looks rather empty or you still haven’t found the right products for your hands? We present you the best products that help you to beautiful hands.

More Beauty Tips! CM Beauty Guide

Besides the hand care you have to pay attention to other body parts as a model. Hair care, facial care, skin care, nail care and foot care should not be neglected either. You should also take care of your belly and your legs. The complete beauty package involves a lot of grooming. We make it easy for you with our care guide and summarize all the important information about beauty in a nutshell.

Nail care: tips, long nails & nail designs

You have once again extremely stressed your hands over the everyday life, your nails are broken, torn, the nail polish has once again gone off in places, then your nails urgently need a minute of care again. Nail care for long, short, natural or extravagant nails, as well as general nail care tips, nail design inspiration, nail foils and more can be found here. Common nail care mistakes are also explained to you, so you don’t have to complain about flaking nail polish or the like anymore. For tips on nail care, click here.

XXL Beauty Guide: Hair care, facial care and more

Tips and tricks for care from head to toe! Here you can find our XXL care guide.