Tips against rough hands: creams, products & soft hands

Rough hands – SOS rough hands! Every day you see your hands in front of you and want to do something good for them soon? But your time is taken up by the stressful working day and you just can’t motivate yourself to give them a long care session? Or your hands are parched from the cold weather, cleaning home and washing dishes way too much? Use a super small window of time for your hand care or let your hands transform overnight. Also, if you need a quick fix for rough hands because you have an audition or hand modeling job coming up, we’ll show you everything you need to know here. Here’s how to save your hands and your day. Back to hand care and back to the beauty guide.

Tips from a dermatologist against rough hands

If you struggle with rough hands year-round or in the winter, you can get super tips from a dermatologist here so that your time of rough hands is finally over too.

  • Soft hands in winter
  • Products against rough skin
  • Tips in everyday life against rough hands

Rough hands – how to fight them overnight

You come home late or to the hotel and have an important shooting the next day? But you notice that your hands are so rough that a hand cream alone doesn’t help? Find out what you can do overnight to solve your dilemma in the video.

  • Avoid rough hands
  • Soft hands in the morning
  • Moisturize hands

Relaxing hand massage

After the right hand care, it’s time for a relaxing massage. In this video, we’ll show you a few moves for the perfect hand massage. Treat your hands to some wellness!

Hand care tips: Hand care tips and more

You’ve been able to combat your rough hands and now want to incorporate a hand care routine into your daily routine to always have soft hands? Need some general hand care tips or help with nail care first? You’ll find everything you need to know here.

Hand care tips: Protect skin & beautiful nails

Take a step back and quickly learn how to take care of your hands as a hand model in two videos. How do you protect your hands from the daily grind and what do you need to do to get your hands in their best shape? Quick and effective tips for you.

Hand care routine: Healthy hands & products

As a hand model, are you in desperate need of tips for a hand care routine that lasts in everyday life? You’ll find them here.

Nail care: Nail care tips & nail designs

Your hands are taken care of and next your nails need a minute of care? Let’s move on to nail care.

Hand care: home remedies, products and more

Here you come back to the hand care overview.