Hand care routine: healthy hands, soft skin & affordable products

Hand Care Routine – As a hand model, need tips on how to incorporate your own hand care routine into your stressful day and want beautiful, healthy and soft hands to boot? Learn how to achieve that goal in just two short videos. Save yourself the bad experiences or products and learn from a hand model herself how to take ideal care of your hands. But first, check out which home remedies and hand care routines are really healthy for your hands. Back to hand care and back to the beauty guide.

Hand care routine for beautiful hands

Learn how to incorporate a quick hand care routine into your daily routine to keep your hands healthy, soft and young looking in a short video here.

  • Daily hand care routine
  • Healthy hands
  • Young skin

Grooming routine from a hand model

You’re a hand model, but you don’t know exactly what to look for in your hand care routine? A hand model shows you.

  • Skin friendly soap
  • Oils for the hands
  • Hand creams

Spa manicure for relaxation

After your hand care routine, it’s your nails’ turn. Because not only well-groomed hands, but especially beautiful and well-groomed nails are a must as a model. From the preparation to the massage to the application of nail polish – this video covers it all.

Care tips: Rough hands and more

More hand care topics here! Combat rough hands, care for sensitive hands without straining them with the help of natural cosmetics and very important: nail care. Your hands only get the perfect beauty look if you also pay attention to the nail care.

Tips against rough hands: products & soft hands

SOS rough hands! You need a quick solution against rough hands? We’ll save your day.

Home remedies for hand care: natural care

Don’t have the time or money to buy expensive hand care products? Here are a few super cheap home remedies that you are sure to have in your kitchen or bathroom.

Nail care: Nail care tips & nail designs

Your hands are taken care of and next your nails need another minute of care? Continue to all the really relevant topics of nail care.

Hand care: home remedies, products and more

Here you come back to the hand care overview.