Hair care: tips, hairstyles & co.

Hair care – The hair care adapted to your hair structure ultimately decides how full, shiny and healthy hair you have. The following hair care and styling tips should not be missed.

Hair care tips: Routine, Tricks, Products & Co.

Whether it’s a curly mane, straight hair or a short-cut bob – every woman wants healthy and full hair. What you really need depends on your personal hair type. However, there are certain things that hair and scalp do not like. So that your hair is shiny and smooth every day, you will find in this article hacks and tricks, as well as the best care products. Important to know: There is no one right product, so we present you in this article a number of good products.

Split ends: hair mask, trimming, stranding and co.

Bye-Bye Split ends: Finally be split ends free ! Many women struggle with dry and damaged hair. This results in : split ends. It makes the hair look unkempt, dull and frizzy. The whole thing can be caused by too much heat from blow dryers, straighteners and co. In this article you will learn what helps against split ends, how to prevent them and how to remove them without losing hair length. It’s time to be split ends free!

Hair care routine: Straight, curly, short hair and co.

You have dry, brittle hair and it lacks shine? Or you finally want to know how to style your hair properly so that you are the eye-catcher of the day? Because hair can change so many things about people – positively and negatively. The haircut, the hair color and especially the structure of the hair. We tell you how to care for and style your hair properly.

Home remedy hair: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil & Co.

It doesn’t always have to be expensive when it comes to hair care. There are simple and inexpensive home remedies with which you can fulfill your desire for a healthy and full head of hair. Various oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and co. are ideal for the care of dull and lackluster hair. Massage the oil into the hair and leave it on overnight. If you are in a hurry, wash out the oil after 30 minutes and you will have healthy and shiny hair.

Trend hairstyles: Hailey Bieber, chignon, braid & Co.

Hair can be staged in the most diverse ways. They stand for one thing: femininity. Whether straightened, curled or pinned together, there are a variety of hairstyles that conjure up a trendy look for every hair type and make every woman special. Naturalness is at the top of the list. Even with the smallest amount of time and few tools you can achieve the perfect hair styling for everyday or evening. Let us inspire you!

Styling Tips: Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Tips & Co.

What woman does not dream of hairstyles that can be created without spending much time ? After all, hair can improve the appearance in an instant, so styling is important for many. And we all know it not always there is enough time to conjure up fancy hairstyles. That’s why we’ve compiled the best and quickest hairstyle tips from stars like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and co. You too can try out the new trendy hairstyles!

Quick hairstyles: plait, braided hairstyle & Co.

Late again, but you don’t feel like boring hairstyles? When there’s not enough time for extensive blow-drying, straightening, curling or braiding, you need hairstyles that go fast. We show you how you can conjure up hairstyles in a short time, as if you had been standing in front of the mirror for ages. Even with two left hands you get these hairstyles quite easily.

More beauty tips!

Besides the hand care you have to pay attention to other body parts as a model. Hair care, facial care, skin care, nail care and foot care should not be neglected either. You should also take care of your belly and your legs. The complete beauty package involves a lot of grooming. We make it easy for you with our care guide and summarize all the important information about beauty in a nutshell.

Facial care: facial care routine, facial shaving, facial massage, products & co.

A well-groomed face gets you as a model by the first and most important impression your job. So it is extremely important for you to know how to take care of your face properly, so you can achieve a naturally beautiful face without makeup. We help you to get clear and radiant skin, beautiful lips, long eyelashes and chic eyebrows.

XXL Beauty Guide

Tips and tricks for care from head to toe! Here you can find our XXL care guide.