Split ends: hair mask, trim & stranding

Split ends – Bye-Bye Split ends: Finally be split ends free ! Many women, including hair models, struggle with dry and damaged hair. This results in : split ends. It makes hair look unkempt, dull and frizzy. The whole thing can be caused by too much heat from blow dryers, straighteners and co. In this article you will learn what helps against it, how to prevent split ends with hair care tips and hair care routines and how to remove them without losing hair length. It’s time to be split ends free! Read more about beauty tools here. Back to hair care and back to the beauty guide.

Prevent hair from split ends

You always wanted to know how to prevent split ends and keep your hair from breaking ? Then you should watch this video on the topic of “Avoid split ends and hair breakage”.

  • 1:11 How does hair breakage happen?
  • 4:11 Types of hair breakage
  • 4:50 How to prevent hair breakage?
  • 6:46 Increase hair thickness
  • 7:36 Types of Split Hair Tips
  • 9:02 How split ends are formed ?

Split ends at the hairdresser

You want to get rid of split ends but not lose hair length ? Then you should opt for a stranding or trimming at your next hairdressing appointment !

Grooming Tips: Tips, routines and more

Split ends are at the top of the list when it comes to what you so totally don’t want to have. With our hair hacks and tricks, there’s nothing standing in your way of being split ends free.

Hair Care Tips: Routine, Tricks & Products

So that your hair is shiny and smooth every day, you will find hacks and tricks, as well as the best care products in this article. Important to know: There is no one right product, so we present you in this article a number of good products.

Hair care routine: straight, curly & short hair

Depending on the hair type and structure, the care routine can differ significantly. Discover the right products and habits for your hair here.

Facial care: routine, facial shaving and more

The face plays a central role in skincare and is the focal point of our body. There are countless products on the market and you may have wondered which care is right for you. In this basic article you will learn more about facial care.

Hair care: tips, hairstyles and more

Here you come back to the hair care overview.