Straighten Hair: Blow Dry Straight Keratin & Top 5 Straighteners

Straighten hair – We all know naturally curly and frizzy hair and want nothing more than smooth and shiny hair for a change or for trendy hairstyles. It’s no wonder because straight hair looks elegant in neat sleek hairstyles as well as worn open. However, there are a variety of products that do not make it easy to find the right product for you. From straighteners to heatless products, we’ll show you the best ways to style your hair silky smooth. Important – The right hair care routine is essential to protect your hair from the stresses and strains! Get inspired! Read more about beauty tools here. Back to Hair Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Hair straightening made easy

We show you the easiest way to straighten your natural hair. Just in one stroke your hair will be silky smooth! You haven’t found the right product to straighten your hair yet? No problem, we have picked out a selection of good and affordable products for you.

  • Chi Iron Guard
  • Chil Karatin Silk Infusion
  • Bio Iconic 10 x Straightener
  • Denman Brush

Keratin smoothing

Long, straight hair: Who of us doesn’t wish for that as a change from curly mane? Whether it’s big curls or a wild curly mane, with keratin it’s finally possible. Keratin straightening is a chemical process that closes the surface structure of each individual hair. This allows your hair to stay smooth even after multiple washes. You can see how keratin smoothing works in this video.

Straight hair with the Dyson Airwrap

Step by step to straight hair with the Dyson Airwrap. Probably the gentlest way to straighten your hair!

Blow-dry hair

You want to get your hair naturally straight? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to straighten your hair easily after the shower with a hairdryer and a hairbrush!

The 5 Best Straighteners

The market for straighteners is big. But which ones are the best? We show you the top 5 straighteners so that nothing stands in the way of your optimal hair routine.

  1. GHD Platinum Plus
  2. T3 Micro Lucea ID
  3. Tymo Sway
  4. Amika The Conductor 1
  5. Detangling brush

Beauty Tips: Curls and more

You want to be perfectly styled for everyday or evening? Then let yourself be inspired by the styling tips of the hottest stars, such as Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Co. Hair down? No problem, here you’ll find everything you need to know about hair care routines.

Curls: Volume & Dyson Airwrap

Do you want long-lasting curls? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled numerous techniques for you to conjure up all hair styles from gentle beach waves to glamorous curls. Whether you use a simple curling iron, a straightening iron, the Dyson Airwrap or even no tools at all. We show you how it’s done. A hair look with which you take the room and an individual natural curl look is guaranteed!

Long hair: tips & routine

Long hair is usually a real test of patience. The most important prerequisite for the care of long hair is the right hair care routine. Only if the hair is healthy, it has the possibility to grow quickly and especially strong. Frequent blow-drying without heat protection, infrequent tip-cutting and regular colouring can cause split ends sooner than you think. Here you can find out everything about hair care for your long hair. You want to style your hair the right way, whether it’s blow-dry hairstyles or trendy hair clip hairstyles? Then check out these videos!

Facial Care: Routine & Cleansing

The face plays a central role in skincare and is the focal point of our body. There are countless products on the market and you may have wondered which care is right for you. In this basic article you will learn more about facial care.

Hair care: tips, split ends & Masks

Here you come back to the hair care overview.