Curls: Voluminous curls, 5 minutes & Dyson Airwrap

Curls – You want a long-lasting curl? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a range of techniques to help you create everything from soft beachwaves to glamorous curls. Whether you’re using a simple curling iron, a straightening iron, the Dyson Airwrap or even no tools at all. We’ll show you how it’s done. A hair look with which you take the room and an individual natural curl look is guaranteed! Time pressure? No problem, we’ll show you how to create a stunning curly look in just 5 minutes. Let us inspire you! Read more about beauty tools here. Back to Hair Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Curls without products overnight

You want a voluminous curl that you can conjure up without any tools? Then definitely try the “Heatless Curls Method”. All you need is a hair band. This method is totally trendy and you shouldn’t miss it. The best thing about it is that you get gentle curls without any heat. The only thing you do is sleep.

Curly splendour in only 5 minutes

Voluminous curls in just 5 minutes? Is that really possible? The answer is clearly yes! Try it out and make yourself glamorous curls in no time.

  1. Tie one’s hair in a high plait
  2. Detach a plait
  3. Curl individual strands with the curling iron
  4. To cool curl strands with a clip at the base

Dyson Airwrap: hair styling all-rounder

The hype around the Dyson Airwrap is great! It convinces as a real all-rounder product and it’s hard to imagine the market without it. The Airwrap promises not only long-lasting hairstyles, it is also gentle and conjures up shiny hair. Convince yourself and definitely try out the voluminous curls. Be the eye-catcher, whether day or evening!

Perfect beachwaves without much effort

The perfect summer hairstyle! This hairstyle is so easy to recreate and guarantees a perfect beach wave with lots of volume, whether for short or long hair!

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Straighten Hair: Blow Dry Straight & Top 5 Straighteners

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Hair care: tips, hairstyles and more

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