Blow-dry hair: Volume, waves, short hair & tips

Hairdryer – We all know the perfect hairstyle after coming freshly styled from the hairdresser. The hair freshly and professionally blow-dried by the hairdresser, full of shine, volume, hold in a stunning shape. But at home the restyling just doesn’t quite work out. Is that exactly what you want to change? Here are the best tips and tricks on simple blow-drying techniques that will give your hair plenty of volume and shine, as if you’d just come from the hairdresser. Read more about beauty tools here. Back to Hair Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

The 3 Best Blow Drying Techniques

You have a photo shoot, an important meeting or a night out with your girls planned? But you’re still missing the right hairstyle? Then check out the 3 most popular blow-dry hairstyles to be the head-turner of the night. Whether it’s wavy, straight or voluminous hair, you can achieve any hairstyle with these blow-drying techniques. Try it out for yourself!

The perfect hairstyle

You want a voluminous hair, like after a visit to the hairdresser? Then this tutorial is just right for you! Very easy to copy. You need the following products for this hairstyle:

  • Round hair brush
  • Oribe Smoothing Cream
  • R + CO High Dive

Blow dry hairstyle for short hair

Got frizzy hair or don’t want to use too much heat? Then be sure to check out this tutorial to learn how to blow dry your hair straight with a blow dryer and a brush.

Beauty Tips: Hair shampoo and more

You want to be perfectly styled for everyday or evening? Then let yourself be inspired by the styling tips of the hottest stars, such as Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Co. Broken hair ? No problem, here you’ll find everything you need to know about hair care routines.

Hair Shampoo: Olaplex & Silicone Free

Are you looking for the right shampoo for your hair? With such a huge selection, not so easy. Whether expensive shampoos from the hairdresser or shampoos from the drugstore around the corner, your hair type plays a crucial role. Moisture, anti-frizz and nourishing oils are essential factors in your shampoo that affect your hair results. That’s why you should take a close look at your hair to find the best possible care for your hair. With our article on hair care and shampoo, nothing can stand in the way of healthy and full hair.

Thin hair: volume & fullness

A problem for some women. In the end, all of us want voluminous and full hair. That’s exactly why you should stay tuned. From the right hair care products and hair styles to the right haircut, we have compiled the best tips and tricks on how you can give your fine hair more shine, fullness and volume.

Facial Care: Routine & Cleansing

The face plays a central role in skincare and is the focal point of our body. There are countless products on the market and you may have wondered which care is right for you. In this basic article you will learn more about facial care.

Hair care: tips, split ends & Masks

Here you come back to the hair care overview.