Nail designs: pastel shades, wave shapes & autumn designs

Nail design – That certain something for your nails! All women know that not only the outfit can be trendy. Especially models can spice up the outfit with a beautiful manicure, or even make the absolute eye-catcher. In this article you will find videos about the hottest nail designs, styles for autumn and co. Learn more about the nail foil trend in an extra article! Get inspired for your next manicure! Read more about hand care here. Back to nail care and back to the beauty guide.

Simple & trendy nail designs

Besides monochromatic nail designs, there are endless ways to embellish your nails. From the popular pastel shades to cool wave shapes, this video has it all!

Nail designs for autumn

Autumn offers many cool motifs for your nails. Especially the many colorful leaves can be beautifully and effectively implemented on fingernails. This video presents you some nail design ideas for the autumn to copy. Become an eye-catcher with your cool autumn nails!

Glassy nude nails

You want natural, beautiful nails? Then check out this tutorial! Here you’ll learn how to create classic nude nails on your own and how to combat weak natural nails.

Care tips: common mistakes & nail foils

More tips on nail care!

Mistake nail polish: Tips, Tricks & More

The nail polish is dull, does not last long or forms bubbles? There are many reasons why the polish on the nails does not come to the fore as you had hoped. In this video you will learn helpful tips & tricks, as well as DOs & DON`Ts when painting to finally have beautifully painted fingernails.

Nail foils: Holo effect & designer foils

Those who want to visually spice up their natural nails have several options to decorate their fingernails. In addition to nail polish and gel nails, nail foils have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Nail foil is easy to use and lets the nails shine in all imaginable colors and patterns. Here you can find videos about different nail foil trends. Try it out!

Leg care: tips, shaving, epilating, waxing & more

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Nail care: tips, nails, mistakes, designs & more

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