Mistakes when painting nails: No Go’s & useful tips

Mistakes when painting nails – We and our fingernails – a never ending story! The nail polish is dull, does not last long or forms bubbles? There are many reasons why the polish on the nails does not come out as you hope. In this video you will learn helpful tips, but also things that you should avoid at all costs when painting to finally have beautiful, well-groomed fingernails. Nail foils can also make things easier for you in your nail care. Here more about hand care. Back to nail care and back to the beauty guide.

Helpful tips & tricks for painting

You are not good at painting your nails and often miss? Then you will find helpful tips for painting in this video:

  • Before varnishing, push back the cuticle, so you have more surface for varnishing.
  • Start first with the hand you’re worst at painting with…
  • If you have painted over your nail, use a rosewood stick and remove the excess nail polish.

No go’s when painting

In this video we show you what you should consider when painting your nails to have beautifully painted fingernails.

  • No go: Cut your cuticles -> Use cuticle oil and push your cuticles back carefully
  • No go: Arrows your nails in both directions -> Arrows only in one direction
  • No go: Shake your nail polish -> roll the nail polish bottle to avoid air bubbles
  • No go: paint your nails without cleaning -> use nail polish remover before painting

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