Nail foils: trends, holo effect & designer foils

Nail foils – quick, easy & long lasting? Those who want to visually spice up their natural nails have several options to decorate their fingernails. In addition to nail polish, extravagant nail designs and gel nails, nail foils have become very popular in recent years. Nail foils are easy to use and let the nails shine in all imaginable colors and patterns. Here you can find videos about different nail foil trends. Try it out! More about hand care here. Back to nail care and back to the beauty guide.

Holo nail foils stick on

Shine bright like a diamond! The holographic nail foil sparkles in beautiful rainbow colors. With this holo effect you are a real eye-catcher! Learn how to copy the holo nail foil trend in this video.

  • Preparation: Gently push back cuticles, file nails into the correct shape, then clean and remove grease from nails.
  • Stick on: Choose the right size of foil, place the nail foil in the middle of the nail and press it on.
  • (Chrome: If desired, dab with a chrome powder)
  • Fixing: Fix nail foil with a thin layer of top coat

Stick on designer nail foils

In this video you learn how you can easily stick cool designer nail foils. With these foils, you are guaranteed the absolute eye-catcher!

  • Cut nail foil to size
  • Apply foil gel, allow to dry briefly
  • Put the nail foil on the nail, with a foil applicator, press on the nail foil evenly in all places.
  • Carefully remove the nail foil from the nail
  • Apply Top Coat

10 tips on how to make your nail foils last better

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