Shaving Legs: Routine, Hacks & Shaving Foam

Shaving Legs – Would you like smooth, clean-shaven legs for the summer or are you a model and need perfectly shaved legs for your next shoot? In this article you will learn how to shave your legs properly, which products you should use before and after shaving and how to avoid skin irritations. We’ll also give you valuable tips on how to best manage your routine and what products you can use as alternatives to shaving cream if you have sensitive skin. Read more about foot care here. Back to Leg Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Shaving legs: Routine for smooth legs

Want to know what to look for in your leg shaving routine? In this video it is explained to you step by step what you have to do and what you have to pay special attention to in order to achieve a perfect result:

  • 1 Step: Wash legs with shower gel and water
  • Step 2: Use a DIY scrub
  • 3 Step: Then apply hair conditioner as shaving foam
  • 4 Step: Shave your legs with the BIC Soleil razor Tip: Shave against the direction of hair growth.
  • 5 Step: Use body lotion

Top 7 Hacks for Shaving Legs

Need some tips & tricks to shave your legs perfectly? Here you will find the best hacks to care for your skin after and before shaving and avoid skin irritations.

  • Use baby oil as shaving cream
  • Dip your razor in baby oil to make it last longer
  • You can also use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream
  • For sensitive skin: Apply men’s shaving foam
  • For a precise shave prefer men razor
  • After shaving: Use a DIY scrub
  • Finally, apply an after-shave balm

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