Body shaving: beautiful skin, exfoliation & shaving tips

Body shaving – How to do it right! And without consequences like skin blemishes afterwards. You have an important job coming up and you want to have soft, smooth and hair-free skin. Then you need to know a few things. Whether you want to rid your arms, armpits, legs, bikini area, or belly of hair, these skin care tips and tricks will revolutionize your body shaving results. More hair removal methods like epilating, waxing and lasering, here. Back to skin care and back to the beauty guide.

Before shaving: follow these tips

The video explains how to properly prepare your skin before hair removal. Whether you want your legs, arms, belly or any other part of your body to be free of hair. So you get a beautiful skin after the removal of hair.

  • Moisture for your skin
  • Peeling for your skin
  • Avoid skin irritation

Body shaving: What you should pay attention to

You already know how to prepare your skin for shaving. In your body shaving routine, however, you need to pay attention to a few more things to achieve the perfect and smooth skin without bumps. In the video it is explained to you:

  • What you should pay attention to during shaving
  • Which products really help your skin
  • What you need to pay attention to after shaving

Hair free from head to toe

The best methods for each part of the body where you want to get rid of your hair are presented in this video. Whether you have hair on your armpits, legs, arms, belly, feet, hands or back, you can get rid of them all. We also show you the best preparation and most effective products for after shaving.

Skin care tips: Skin blemishes and more

Next step after body shaving, the bikini zone! All the tricks are here. We also show you how to fight skin impurities that arise during shaving. And of course we also present the best products for your body care.

How to fight skin impurities: products

That your skin tends to blemishes from time to time, is completely normal. How you learn to avoid them in advance or get rid of them quickly, we show you here.

Shaving Bikini Zone: Mistake & Soft Skin

Say goodbye to shaving pimples, ingrown hairs, dark spots and stressed skin in the bikini zone for good! How? With these helpful tips and instructions, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Shaving your sensitive skin the right way isn’t as complicated as you might think. What you need to consider, we show you here in just 3 videos.

Grooming Products: Tom Ford, Gucci & Dior

Care products from famous luxury brands that are internationally popular, here for you.

Skin care: tips, nutrition and more

Here you come back to the skin care overview.