Skin Care Tips: Skin Type, Care & Serums

Skin care tips – What skin type are you? What care does your skin need and which serums work wonders especially for blemished skin? Get all the answers here! Every skin type needs different skin care and special products and substances. Find out your facial skin type and get tips to make your body skin look even, pure and radiantly young. Read more about facial skin care here. Back to skin care and back to the beauty guide.

What your facial skin needs!

You want to have radiant soft skin from face to toe? What your skin really needs in terms of substances and products is explained in the video so that you can adapt your care to your skin type. This is specifically about your facial skin.

  • What skin type are you?
  • What care does your skin need?
  • What substances should your skin not lack?

Serums your skin will love

Brightening serums that help with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dull skin are presented here. How to achieve your dream skin.

  • Skin Booster
  • Vitamin C
  • And more

Tips & tricks for clear skin

To keep your skin pure and young, it is important to follow some skin care tips. Especially the 3 described tips make a big difference in your skin care routine.

  • Massage in your facial cleanser for 60 sec.
  • Change pillowcases 1 time per week
  • Use SPF daily

Care tips: Foot massage and more

More skin care tips for your skin! Need a face wash and foot massage after work? Take a step back and check out our foot care tips. Or let us recommend the best beauty products from well-known brands.

Foot massage: tips & massage techniques

Feet need love too! A few quiet minutes, a blob of cream or massage oil and a few relaxing grips – the feel-good ritual is perfect. In this article, we’ll show you how to pamper your loved ones with a foot massage, but also how to do something good for your feet.

Combating skin impurities: This is how it works

That your skin tends to blemishes from time to time, is completely normal. How you learn to avoid them in advance or get rid of them quickly, we show you here.

Grooming Products: Tom Ford, Gucci & Dior

Care products from famous luxury brands that are internationally popular, here for you.

Skin care: tips, nutrition and more

Here you come back to the skin care overview.