Relaxing foot massage: tips & massage techniques

Foot massage – feet need a lot of attention! Did you know that our feet are the most used part of our body? A few quiet minutes, a little cream or massage oil, and a few relaxing grips – the feel-good ritual is perfect. In this article, we’ll show you how to pamper your loved ones with a foot massage, but also how to do something good for your feet. Read more about leg care here. Back to Foot Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Relaxing foot massage for your loved ones

Want to pamper your loved one with a relaxing foot massage? After a long day at work, they’ll definitely appreciate the loving care. In this video you will learn different foot massage techniques.

  • Recommended oils: olive, jojoba & grape seed

Foot massage for your feet

You want to do something good for your feet? Then we have just the thing for you! In this video you get an instruction how you can massage your feet step by step. Just try it out!

Foot Reflexology Massage

Wondering how to massage your foot reflexology zone? Try it out! A self-massage with CBD balm that shows you how to perfectly massage your own feet. You’ll relieve foot pain instantly.

Skin Care Tips: Home Remedies & Skin Care Tips

More tips on foot care!

Home remedy: Remove corns & calluses

For the ultimate, liberated barefoot feeling, you should not neglect foot care: This includes not only cutting or even painting your toenails, but equally removing corns, blisters and calluses. With these simple tricks you can make your feet look beautiful and well-groomed in no time.

Skin Care Tips: Skin Type, Care & Serums

What skin type are you? What care does your skin need and which serums work wonders for your skin? Get all the answers here!

Skin care: tips, nutrition and more

Now that you’ve gotten helpful tips for your feet, let’s move on to skin care.

Foot care: creams, pedicure, tips and more

Here you come back to the foot care overview.