Foot products: Baby Soft Feet & Top Creams

Foot products – Good to (m) foot – Our feet carry us through the world – they are exposed to some stress. Tight shoes, heat or cold are among the factors that put a strain on our feet. Regular foot care is therefore important to prevent diseases. You want baby soft feet? You can find the right way in this article. There we show you how to get fast & easy cared feet. We also present our top 3 creams for the feet, so that your feet look good. Read more about leg care here. Back to Foot Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Top 3 Foot Creams

It is very important that you take good care of your feet, because only then they can carry you for a long time. In this video we present you the top 3 foot creams to get beautiful and well-groomed feet.

Getting baby soft feet

Baby soft feet? I think everyone would like to have those. In this video you will learn how to remove dead skin from your feet. The products you need for this:

  • Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Coconut oil
  • 2X essential oils of your choice

Beautiful feet in high heels

With these products your feet will not only look great barefoot but also in high heels. Especially if you want to become a model, the right foot care is extremely important. Watch the video and share the tips with your friends.

Care tips: Pedicure & Home Remedies

More foot and skin care tips!

Pedicure: DIY Pedicure & DIY Foot Scrub

How to make your feet beautiful! Let’s face it: everyone wants beautifully groomed feet. Not only in summer are well-groomed feet the be-all and end-all. For the perfect pedicure you don’t even have to go to a beauty salon. You can easily do it yourself at home. Finally, we have a cool DIY scrub for your feet. Let’s get started with your pedicure!

Home remedy: Remove corns & calluses

For the ultimate, liberated barefoot feeling, you should not neglect foot care: This includes not only cutting or even painting your toenails, but equally removing corns, blisters and calluses. With these simple tricks you can make your feet look beautiful and well-groomed in no time.

Skin care: tips, diet, blemishes and more

Now that you’ve gotten helpful tips for your feet, let’s move on to skin care.

Foot care: creams, pedicure, tips and more

Here you come back to the foot care overview.