Self tanner: application, routine & products

Self tanner – Even and even tan with the help of self tanner. This self-tanning routine and tips will help you tan your skin at home. Perfect skin all year round. Want that too? We’ll give you skincare tips, shaving tips and more. Back to skincare and back to the beauty guide.

Self tanning routine: tips and tricks

Even in winter you don’t want to miss out on a beautiful even tan complexion like in summer. Self-tanner is the solution. However, you have to pay attention to a lot to achieve a beautiful result. But don’t be shy, we’ll show you how it’s done. In the video you will learn:

  • Tips for before use
  • How to apply self tanner correctly
  • Tricks to avoid stains

Cheap self tanner from the drugstore

Are you looking for cheap tanning products that you can buy quickly at your local drugstore? Here you can quickly find several affordable alternatives that also convince in their performance and quality.

The best self tanner tips

These self tanner tips will give you the most beautiful results. If you’ve ever used self-tanner and weren’t convinced, then you need to watch this video. With these tips, you’ll never have a self-tanner fail again.

  • Products
  • Routine
  • Preparation
  • Application
  • What to look out for after use

Grooming Tips: Shaving Bikini Zone and more

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Shaving Bikini Zone: Mistake & Soft Skin

Say goodbye to shaving pimples, ingrown hairs, dark spots and stressed skin in the bikini zone for good! How? With these helpful tips and instructions, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Shaving your sensitive skin the right way isn’t as complicated as you might think. What you need to consider, we show you here in just 3 videos.

Diet for healthy skin: recipes

The foods you eat affect your skin. Learn quick and easy recipes for drinks that will revolutionize your skin. General substances that your skin needs to be healthy are also named by a dermatologist herself.

Grooming Products: Tom Ford, Gucci & Dior

Care products from famous luxury brands that are internationally popular, here for you.

Skin care: tips, nutrition and more

Here you come back to the skin care overview.