Home remedy: Remove corns & calluses

Home Remedies – For the ultimate liberated barefoot feeling. Foot care should not be neglected. Taking care of your feet doesn’t just involve cutting or even painting your toenails, but equally removing corns, blisters and calluses. With these simple tricks you can make your feet look beautiful and well-groomed in no time. Read more about leg care here. Back to Foot Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

10 home remedies for silky soft feet

  • Listerine and vinegar: Perfect duo for smooth, healthy feet
  • Peeling from rice flour, honey and vinegar
  • Banana as a natural moisturizer
  • Honey makes the skin supple
  • Vitamin-rich vegetable oil to promote cell renewal
  • Vick Vapo Rub makes the skin supple
  • Baking soda anti-inflammatory properties
  • Skin healing powers of aloe vera
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice and petroleum jelly, as a moisturizer.
  • Epsom salt reduces inflammation

Remove corns & calluses

If you can’t get rid of your corns or calluses, then be sure to check out this tutorial. In this video you will find everything from tips and tricks to the best home remedies on the subject of callus and corn removal. Be sure to try it out!

  • Castor oil softens the corns and makes them disappear gradually
  • Rub the affected areas with a pumice stone
  • Apple cider vinegar softens corns as it sloughs off dead skin cells
  • Garlic rub over the chicken eye

Special tip for the feet

As a model, your feet are in high heels just as often as a ballerina’s feet are in pointe shoes. So they get a lot of wear and tear. That’s why you need special tips for your feet. After all, you still want them to look beautiful. We have found them for you.

Care tips: Foot products & foot massage

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