Waxing & Sugaring: Routine, DIY & tips for at home

Waxing & Sugaring – Smooth, soft legs are super important for models, because beautiful legs are also part of a well-groomed appearance. In this article we introduce you to two great hair removal methods: Waxing & Sugaring. Both methods are super suitable to make your legs look smooth and well-groomed. Waxing suits you better if you don’t have sensitive skin and are not very sensitive to pain. If your skin is a bit sensitive, sugaring is recommended. Read more about foot care here. Back to Leg Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Waxing for at home

You want to start removing your leg hair with waxing? But you are still unsure how to do it properly and what you should pay attention to exactly. This video explains exactly how waxing works and how you can easily get your legs nice and smooth at home.

  • Clean your legs
  • Apply baby powder
  • Heat the wax
  • Apply it evenly with a spatula on your legs
  • Press the wax strip onto your leg
  • Pull the strip off quickly in one go
  • After waxing: Use a lotion with Aloe Vera

DIY Sugaring at home

Sugaring is the perfect method to remove your leg hair if your skin is very sensitive and you are very sensitive to pain, because this method is very gentle to the skin and does not hurt so much. You can easily make your own sugaring at home, here we explain how:

  • Ingredients: 4 cups sugar, 1 cup lemon juice and 1 cup water
  • Cook: Cook on medium heat for thick hair and on light for thin hair
  • Stir until it takes on a golden colour and when it boils properly, turn down the heat.
  • Let it cool for 4o minutes and then wait a day before using it.
  • Apply: Wear gloves and knead until you can use the measurements…
  • Use Sugaring only on cleansed skin and use baby powder beforehand.

Natural wax beans

The natural wax beans are ideal for sensitive skin. An easy way to remove unwanted hair without harmful chemicals! It’s time for smooth skin by removing hair from the root!

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