Lasering: Hair Removal Routine, Best Devices & Tips

Lasering – You want your legs to look smooth and well-groomed, but you’re impatient? You don’t feel like strawberry legs and irritated skin from all the shaving? There are various methods for permanent hair removal: Laser treatment is a particularly effective method. With laser treatments, annoying stubble disappears for good. Learn more about laser treatments. Find out more about foot care. Back to Leg Care and back to the Beauty Guide.

Hair removal routine – Laser

Here you will find tips for your very first laser treatment. For the best results, it’s best to follow these steps:

  • Assemble the hair removal device and start using it
  • Set the level that is most tolerable for you in terms of pain level.

The Best Hair Removal Device

You want to start lasering your legs, but are still unsure which product you should use for lasering? This video explains which device is the best and what you need to look for when choosing the right device.

  • The Lux Skin laser hair removal equipment is perfect for laser treatments
  • Make sure that the device suits you and your skin type

The 5 Best Laser Devices

There’s a wide range of laser devices out there. That’s why we’ve picked out the 5 best laser hair removal devices you can’t go wrong with:

  1. MiSMON
  2. Silk’n Infinity
  3. Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137
  4. Remington IPL6000Q
  5. Tria Beauty 4x

Expert opinion on laser hair removal

Here you get detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of permanent hair removal by laser from an expert. One advantage is that you get rid of your dark spots. Also: What you should consider when removing hair by laser at home.

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