Facial Yoga & Facial Massage: Tips, Lifting & Romee Strijd

Facial yoga and facial massage – The absolute trend in beauty right now. With this you can shape your face and emphasize your facial contours more. A beautifully shaped face with strong contours is of course super important for models, so in this article we give you tips on the topic of facial yoga with the well-known beauty tool the Gua Sha and tips for facial massages so that you can shape your face and make your facial contours more prominent. Read more about skin care here. Back to Facial Careand back to the Beauty Guide.

Facial yoga: tips for a punished chin and neck

Want your chin and neck to look more toned and sculpted? Here in this video you will find a few super simple facial yoga exercises to tighten your facial contours.

  • Exercise 1: Looking at the ceiling and moving tongue: 0:22
  • Exercise 2: Look to the side and tense mouth to the side: 1:25
  • Exercise 3: Look right and left and stick out tongue: 2:44
  • Exercise 4: Tense face: 3:52
  • Exercise 5: Look right and left and stick out tongue: 4:45
  • Exercise 6: Lightly tap chin area with hands: 5:50

Facial Massage: Tips from Model Romee Strijd

Want to know how you can naturally tone and shape your face with facial massage? In this video, supermodel Romee Strijd gives you tips on how to massage your face with beauty tools to make it look slimmer and more sculpted. We’ve captured her most important advice on facial massage for you here:

  • First use a Gua Sha stone and massage your face from bottom to top with the rose quartz stone.
  • Before massaging be sure to apply a moisturizer
  • Then shape your face with a massage roller by pulling it over your face from the middle to the outside.

Facial firming massage strokes

In this video, we explain a few grips and massage methods that you can use 1-5 times a week, depending on your skin type. Enjoy the massage and treat your skin to some wellness. Step by step, you can do the grips yourself and get a tighter face.

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